CTHS FBLA Students win at district to compete at State FBLA.


DECA State Competition 2018


Chapter Campaign Events

Chapter Thrive Campaign Recipient – 1 spot at Nationals

10/10/10 Campaign Overall District Winner

School Based Enterprise Gold Level Certification – 3 spots at Nationals

National Qualifiers

Accounting Applications

Lindsay McClean         3rd Place

Business Finance

Taylor Heap                 3rd Place

Matthew McNulla        5th Place

Human Resource Management

Sarah Yoon                  5th Place

Principles of Finance

Ritika Chopra              4th Place

Sports & Entertainment Marketing

Cooper Drake              6th Place

Jake Brown                  2nd Place

Financial Services Team Decision Making

Jorge Halvas/Daivi Patel     5th Place


TSA State Results for 2018:

CTs Medal Count:  1st Place- 3, 2nd Place -12, 3rd Place- 7

Other highlights include:

  • James Ryan will serve as Officer at Large for Colorado TSA 2018-2019
  • As a chapter we took 1st place Tabs for Tots Competition (A fundraiser for Ronald McDonald House Charities).

Below is the list of individual events that we placed in.. If you have any of these students in class please congratulate them for accomplishments.

3D Animation

1st Place - Emma Loisel and Connor Greenwell National Qualifier

Architectural Design

Semifinalist - Alex Walz, Sarah Dann, Jaime Tellez, Ian Gray, and Brennan Demaniow

Biotechnology Design

Semifinalist -  Emily Howard, Aubrey Macdougall,  and Megan Bustamante

Semifinalist -  Tiana Robinson, Maddy Ivey, and Justin Yi

Semifinalist -  Jacob Bell and Gavin Kelley

CAD Architecture

2nd Place - Ian Gray National Qualifier

3rd Place - Alex Walz

CAD Engineering

1st Place - Peter Brown National Qualifier

3rd Place - Sam Wicklund

Semifinalist - Kaleb Barbour

Catapult Design

2nd Place - Sarah Sepan, Devan Patel, Tristyn Heil

Chapter Service Project-

2nd Place - James Ryan, Thomas Weyermann,  David Hays, Sam Wicklund,  Megan Bustamante,  Tyler Perez,  Connor Smith, Sarah Dann, and Emily Howard

Chapter Team

Semifinalist -  James Ryan, Thomas Weyermann,  David Hays, Sam Wicklund,  Megan Bustamante,  and Tyler Perez

Computer Integrated Manufacturing

2nd Place - Kaleb Barbour and Jackson Kenney National Qualifier

Semifinalist - Austin Walz and Evan McCarty

Semifinalist - Ian Harling and Connor Lowe

Debating Technological Issues

1st Place - Rita Kamenetskiy and Alexis Linhardt National Qualifier

CO2 Dragster Design

2nd Place - Sarah Dann National Qualifier  

Semifinalist - Jack Wicklund

Semifinalist - Hayden Schlichting

Engineering Design

Semifinalist - Connor Smith, Collin Webb, Tad Kvietok, Anvay Raje, Ross Wilhelm, and Peyton Chandler

Essays on Technology

2nd Place - Aditya Kelshiker National Qualifier

3rd Place -  Andrew McNulla National Qualifier

Fore! Mini Golf Hole design with an elementary student

2nd Place - Skylar Elenbaas

Global Logistics

2nd Place - James Ryan, Thomas Weyermann, Sam Wicklund, Isabella Ramey, Aditya Kelshiker

On Demand Video

2nd Place - Emily Howard, David Hayes, Emma Loisel, Tyler Perez, Peyton Grattino, Bobby Alarcon National Qualifier

Photographic Technology

Semifinalist - James Barnes

Semifinalist - Skyler Elenbaas

Promotional Design

Semifinalist - Andrew McNulla

Sea Perch (Underwater Remote Submersible )

2nd Place - Tyler Perez, Hunter Gilbreath, Marcus Quintanilla, Tristan Heil and Skylar Elenbaas. Qualified for the 2018 International SeaPerch Challenge

Silent Movie

2nd Place - Emily Howard, Peyton Grattino, Connor Greenwell, and Emma Loisel

Structural Design and Engineering

Semifinalist - Keoni Yamada and Jackson Kenney

Semifinalist - Jacob Ogundare and Andrew McNulla

System Control Technology

3rd Place - Sean Salek, Bobby Alarcon, and Eric Todd

Theatrical Set Design

3rd Place - James Ryan, Joseph Nuccio, Peter Brown, and Isabella Ramey, Jax Swayne

Transportation Modeling

2nd Place - Sam Wicklund National Qualifier

Video Game Design

Semifinalist - David Hayes, Peyton Grattino, Sam Wickland, Jacob Jannicke, Emma Loisel,  and James Ryan

Semifinalist - Tiana Robinson, and Maddy Ivey


​ ​

​FBLA Members Place at National Conference 2017

Copy of IMG_1908.JPG​ ​

Congratulations to FBLA who attended the National Leadership Conference in Anaheim over the summer.  We once again had a tremendous outcome.  We started the conference with our advisor, Mr. Fromme, being recognized as the Colorado Advisor of the Year.  As a club we were awarded the Gold Club Seal of Merit which is the highest award a club can win at the National Level.  We also received the Diamond Award in honor of FBLA's 75th year.  Only 150 schools across the nation received this award.

We continued our success in the competitive events were we competed with over 13,000 students across the nation. 

Sharon Battula won 2nd place in Business Law

Garret Collins won 4th place in Public Speaking II

Jesse Zaikin won 9th place in Database Design

Swarna Shiv won 10th place in Sales Presentation

Dean Dyer and Sandesh Kulkarni won 10th place in Banking and Financial Systems

Sarayu Gangavelli, Nikhitha Kastury, & Sneha Malisetty were finalists in Hospitality Management

We were once again the most celebrated chapter in the State for the second year in a row and look forward to having another great year.  Please congratulate these individuals when you see them.


CTHS DECA Students enjoy their time in Anaheim, CA for

National Competition.​ ​


​​​ ​ ​​

DECA State competed in Colorado Springs at the Broadmoor.  Winners include:

DECA State Finalists

Rhea Verma – Prin. of Business Management

Taylor Heap – Prin. of Finance

Brandon Ferreira – Acct. Applications

Caitlyn Ingram – Apparel & Access.

Nishtha Koccher – Start up Bus. Plan

Sahitya Talachutla – Mkt. Comm. Series

Kyle Mayl – Mkt. Comm. Series

Clarissa Peters – Rest. & Food Service

Ramshsa Ahmad – Rest. & Food Service

Swarna Shiv – Retail Merch

Taylor Hearp – Ad. Campaign

Dominique Yishkevich / Jasmine Hameedy  - Buying & Merch Oper.

Nicholas Yoshikawa/ Ela Elmas / Sahitya Talachutla – Business Services operat. Event

Isabel Neilly/ Melanie Perse / Valerie Perse – Communty Service

Rebekah Burton / Courtney Schmidt – Community Service

Dani Kaiser – Business Growth Plan

Ashley Taylor – Indepen. Bus. Plan

Daivi Patel / Jorge Halvas – Financial Services Team

Nicholas Yoshikawa / Syed Ahmad – Financial Services Team

Wesley Toy / Jake Luber – Financial Services Team

Dean Dyer / Sandesh Kulkarni – Mkt. Management Team

Nihaal Dhillion / Sathya Dugini – Travel & Tourism Team

Taylor Heap – Advertising Campaign Event

Ela Elmas/Sahit Talachutla/Nicholas Yoshikawa - Business Services Operations Research Event

Jasmine Hameedy/Dominique Yushkevich – Buying and Merchandising Operations Research Event

Isabel Neilly/Valerie Perse/Melanie Perse – Community Service Project

Rebekah Burton/Courtney Schmidt – Community Service Project

Nishtha Kochhar – Financial Consulting Event

Ashley Taylor – Independent Business Plan


International Career Devlopment Conference Qualifiers

Rhea Verma – 4th

Taylor Heap – 2nd

Brandon Ferreira – 1st

Caitlyn Ingram – 1st

Kyle Mayl – 3rd

Clarissa Peters – 5th

Swarna Shiv – 6th

Ela Elmas / Nick Yoshikawa / Sahitya Talachutla – 2nd

Jorge Havas / Daivi Patel – 3rd

Nick Yoshikawa / Syed Ahmad – 4th


Cherokee Trail High School-School Based Enterprise Gold Level Winner

Peyton Miller/Jessie Lee

Chapter Campaign Winner

DECA State Officer-Dominique Yushkevich – Dist. RVP #2


The DECA students from Cherokee Trail HS came to DCAC to deliver a very special donation for our forensic interview program. As the students donated 20 Build-a-Bears, we were able to explain to them that every child that we see in our forensic interview program gets to pick out a stuffed animal to take home with them and that their Build-a-Bears would be used for that purpose! Everyone at DCAC is overjoyed by this donation and we can't wait to see our the joy on our client's faces when they get to pick out a brand new stuffed animal that was made with love.

Thank you again, Cherokee Trail High School! We are so grateful for all your kindness and generosity! 


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