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Online Learning Dual Credit Classes Frequently Asked Questions

Which university is partnering with Cherry Creek Schools to offer these classes?

The dual credit classes are being offered through the CU Succeed program at the University of Colorado at Denver.

What is CU Succeed?

CU Succeed offers juniors and seniors the opportunity to get a head start on college by earning college credit while still in high school. As a CU Succeed student, you'll be engaged in courses of the same academic quality and rigor as those taught at the University of Colorado at Denver. These courses have the same content as on-campus courses, require the same quantity and quality of work, and are evaluated by the same high standards. They are not high school courses for which students receive university credit.
Courses are taught online by specially qualified high school teachers from your school district. These instructors hold honorarium faculty appointments at CU-Denver. The CU Succeed program has been working successfully with students and teachers in high schools throughout Colorado since 1996. Since CU Succeed courses are not taught on the CU Denver campus, they are offered through the statewide Extended Studies Program.
All courses are taken for a letter grade and appear on a CU-Denver transcript. Plus, CU Succeed courses are offered at a reduced tuition rate so you can begin earning college credit before paying full college tuition.

What if I'm not planning to attend UCD?

Courses are eligible for transfer to University of Colorado campuses, as well as to many other universities and colleges. In general, institutions that accept CU credits will accept the credits earned from CU Succeed courses. Before registering for a course you should confirm with your intended college that the course will be accepted and will apply toward requirements of your anticipated program of study.

What are some benefits of taking classes through CU Succeed?

  • Accessibility and convenience: Courses are offered online through your high school.
  • Low tuition: Tuition for CU Succeed courses is substantially lower than that charged for the same courses on the CU Denver campus.
  • Concurrent high school and college credit: You can earn college credits at the same time you satisfy high school requirements, saving time and money in completing a college degree. For students who have completed their high school graduation requirements early, CU Succeed courses are an excellent alternative to additional high school electives or off-campus enrollment.
  • Student Eligibility: Juniors and seniors in high school may enroll in CU Succeed courses, providing they satisfy the prerequisites of the courses they wish to take.

How the Program Works

Grading Policies
All CU Succeed courses must be taken for a letter grade. The University employs a PLUS/MINUS grading system, where, for example, a B corresponds to 3.0 points on a 4.0 scale and a B+ corresponds to 3.3 points. In the University system, students may also receive an IW (incomplete withdrawal), if unusual circumstances prevent them from completing the requirements of the course. Students who receive an IW are allowed one year to complete the work and receive a letter grade. If work is not completed in the time allotted, the IW is recorded on the student's transcript as a DROP-PASSING.
VERY IMPORTANT: Grades earned in CU Succeed courses become a permanent part of a student's University of Colorado academic record, and they establish that student's University of Colorado grade point average at any one of the University's four campuses. Therefore, it is extremely important that a student earn at least a C in all CU Succeed courses. A grade of C- could prevent a student from being admitted to the University of Colorado, regardless of their high school GPA or college entrance exam score, as a C- corresponds to a GPA of 1.70, and students must have a minimum of a 2.0 University GPA to be admitted to or remain in good standing at the University. Students who are at risk of receiving a grade lower than "C" should consider withdrawing from the course.
Credits earned in CU Succeed courses are regular University of Colorado at Denver credits that are recorded on an official University of Colorado transcript. This transcript is identical to that issued to students on campus and does not specify that the courses were taken through the Extended Studies program.
Transfer and Applicability of Credits
Policies regarding the transfer of credits and the specific ways in which they apply to degree requirements vary from institution to institution. As such, no institution, including the University of Colorado at Denver, can guarantee that its courses will in all cases be accepted by other institutions, or that these courses will satisfy degree requirements in every academic major. Consequently, students should obtain information regarding transfer of credits from the college of university they plan to attend prior to enrolling in CU Succeed courses.
Generally speaking, institutions that accept University of Colorado credits will accept the credits earned in CU Succeed courses. However, some colleges and Universities will not accept courses for which a student also received high school credit and/or are taught exclusively for high school students.
The following information should be given to representatives of other institutions when inquiring about transfer of credits earned in CU Succeed courses:
  • CU Succeed courses are regular university courses that appear in the University catalogue, not high school courses for which students receive university credit
  • CU Succeed courses are taught by CU Denver adjunct faculty who are appointed by the department in which their courses are rostered.
  • The courses appear on an official University of Colorado transcript, as do other courses of the University.
Tuition and Payment
For the academic year 2015-2016 the cost for CU Succeed courses is $75 per credit hour.
The tuition rate for CU Succeed courses is substantially lower than what a student would pay to take equivalent courses as a full-time, resident student at the University of Colorado at Denver or at any other institution on Auraria Campus. Compare the following per-credit-hour* resident rates at Auraria Campus institutions:
  • University of Colorado at Denver : $389.00
  • Metro State College : $292.60
  • Community College of Denver : $205.50
*2015-2016 rates. These rates do not include students fees which CU Succeed students do not pay.
Students are responsible for paying the tuition at CU Denver. Instructions for completing the payment process will be given to each student.
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