• Girls on the Run

     Girls on the Run logo

    Calling all 3rd – 5th Grade Girls!

    Join us for Girls on the Run


    Homestead needs coaches! Please contact Emily for more information! 

    The attached flyer provides detailed information on the program mission and logistics!

     Click HERE to register!

    Fall Session Begins on Wednesday, September 11, 2019!

    Practices are Wednesdays and Fridays from 2:50 to 4:15 PM.


    Please feel free to contact Coach Emily directly at 303-552-8868 or email emilywilhelmi@yahoo.com with any questions!

  • Student Council

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    ​What is Student Council?

    Student Council is a student government at Homestead for fourth and fifth grade students. At the beginning of each year there is a Student Council election in 5th grade for the head positions. The positions are head boy, head girl, secretary, and treasurer. They are elected by all of fifth grade. Student Council consists of six different committees. The six committees are recycling, spirit, communications, box-tops/fundraising, kindness, and the outreach committee.

    Lead Officers

    • Head Boy
    • Head Girl
    • Secretary
    • Treasurer

    Spirit Committee

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    Fundraising Committee

    We are participating in Box Tops this year. Box Tops are a way for our schools to raise money. Each Box Top is worth 10 cents. 

    • Please look at General Mills products and turn in all the Box Tops you find to your classroom. The winning grade level gets prizes!

    Box Tops look like this :

    Box Tops for Education logo

    The Three R's Committee

    Recycling program 

    We have started a recycling program at our school. We encourage everybody to recycle as much as possible. We need to save our environment. Here we can recycle glass and plastic cans, cardboard and paper. We know much of you already have recycling programs, but if you don't, we highly encourage you to help us save the environment.

    Student Council Giving

    Student council has donated money raised to the Make-a-Wish Foundation, Backpacks for the Homeless, Pennies for Patients, and many others.

    We find a way to raise money for a great cause every year.

    Make-a-Wish logo

  • Clubs

     Kids at Mileage Club

    Afternoon Mileage Club

    Kidz Art

    Battle of the Books


    Choir & Band

    ‪Destination Imagination ‬

    ‪Foreign Languages‬

    Sport Intramurals‬

  • Grade Level Events

     Kids at Field Day

    Book Fairs — Fall & Spring

    Choir & Band Concert (Dec)

    Colonial Days (5th Grade)

    Fall Festival — Fall

    Field Day (May)

    Gingerbread Days (2nd Grade)

    Fine Arts Night — Spring‬

    Kindergarten A-Z Program (May)

    Kindergarten Feast (Nov)

    Colorado Days (4th Grade)

    Market Day (2nd Grade)

    ‪Spelling Bee‬ (Dec)

  • Field Trips

     Kids orienteering

    Kindergarten to the Stock Show

    1st Graders Denver Center of the pertorming Arts

    2nd Graders to Botanic Gardens

    3rd Graders Denver Zoo

    3rd Graders Colorado Mint

    3rd Graders Play

    4th Graders History Colorado

    4th Graders Poetry Cafe

    5th Graders to Bear Creek Lake Park