Activities and Clubs

  • We encourage student involvement in extra-curricular activities and clubs.

    Most groups meet after school, from approximately 3:50 to 4:45 pm.

    Some Clubs or Groups may have fees; others are at no cost.

    Updated information for School Year 2022-2023 is in development!

    Check back soon!



  • Chess Club

    Chess pieces on a chess board

    The purpose of Chess Club is to provide students with an opportunity to play chess against each other, improve their strategy skills, and possibly participate in the district tournament.

    Students in all grades are eligible to participate.

    There is no fee.

    Chess Club meets in Ms. Dunford's classroom right after school on Thursdays, from October to May.

    Students may elect to participate in the District Chess Tournament in the Spring, if a tournament is held this school year.

    Club Sponsor:

    Maggie Dunford: 720-886-5275

  • Drama Club

    spot light on closed theatre curtain with audience members visible

    Students in all grades are welome to participate in Drama Club.  Auditions are required to be part of the cast.  Backstage students must also apply to be part of each show.

    While in Drama Club, students are involved in the social, technical and performance aspects of theater.

    We are planning two productions this year:

    • Fall Play: "The Lion, the Witch and The Wardrobe" will be performed at Laredo Middle School
      • November 18 at 6:15 pm
      • November 19 at 6:15 pm
      • November 20 at 2:30 pm
    • Spring Musical: "Into the Woods" will be performed at Smoky Hill High School
      • March 31 at 6:15 pm
      • April 1 at 6:15 pm
      • April 2 at 2:30 pm

    There is a Fee to participate in Drama Club for both Tech students and Performers. $35 for the Fall Play and $45 for the Spring Musical

    Some rehearsals will be held in the evening and/or on weekends as the start of each show approaches.

    Club Sponsors are:

    Richard Clark:720-886-5140

    Stacey Sarjeant: 720-886-5141

  • Japanese National Honor Society

    Japanese letters and market stalls

    Japanese National Honor Society (JNHS) recognizes scholastic achievement and excellence in the study of the Japanese language.

    Eighth grade students who meet the academic criteria are eligible to apply.

    They will receive Certificates of Excellence and a cord to be worn for an induction ceremony that takes place in May at Laredo.

    Laredo is currently one of only a few middle schools in the USA that receive this honor.

    Laredo's name is recognized on the website of the American Association of Teachers of Japanese (AATJ) and in the AATJ Newsletter.
    Please visit for futher information.

    Some students may be invited to meet after school during Second Semester to prepare for an annual competition against other schools.

    Participation Fee: $10

    Club Sponsor:

    Miwako Winters: 720-886-5158

  • National Junior Honor Society

    Logo for National Junior Honor Society

    National Junior Honor Society (NJHS) is an organization that focuses on the five pillars of the national organization's virtues:

    • Scholarship
    • Community Service
    • Character
    • Citizenship, and
    • Leadership

    Our club hosts many community events throughout the school year which include our Thanksgiving Canned Food Drive, our partnership with Smoky Hill High School for Wish Week, Spirit Week, and a variety of other activities throughout the school year. Our students are not just academically minded, but focus on being the examples of excellence for the rest of the building.

    Eighth grade students who meet academic criteria of a 3.5 gpa are invited to apply for membership in the spring of their seventh grade year, for active membership while in eighth grade.

    NJHS Dues are $20 for the year.

    The group meets the first Tuesday of each month.
    Extra meeetings will occur in any month when the group is sponsoring a particular activity.

    NJHS Sponsors:

    Ms. Kristin Cardillo: 720-886-5156

    Ms. Ginny Bludeau: 720-886-5111

  • Robotics Lion Club

    A blue and greay VEX robot vehicle

    The Laredo Robotics Lion Club is a competitive, team-based club where students form teams and follow the engineering cycle to design a VEX IQ or VEX EDR robot that will be entered into one or more competitions that usually occur in January and February.

    Open to all students.

    No cost to participate.

    Meetings are after school on Tuesdays in Room 313, from 3:50 to 4:45 pm, from mid-September - February.

    Competitions are usually in February.

    Club Sponsor:

    Kelly Gentry 720-886-5143

  • Sisterhood

    World Map highlighting Africa

    Sisterhood is an affinity group that addresses the needs, perspectives, and culture of young African American women. We work collectively with staff, students, parents, and community leaders to support the development of leadership skills, academic success, and positive social relationships.

    Sisterhood is for 8th grade girls of African American descent. There is an application process and students with significant behavior and discipline concerns are not appropriate.

    There is no fee to participate.

    Meeting dates TBD, between October and May.

    Sisterhood sponsor:

    Allison Garvey 720-886-5226


    Rainbow colored flag

    SPECTRUM is an LBGTQ student support group focusing on: Emotional Safety, Diversity/Equity/Inclusion, Anti-Bullying, Navigating Teen Relationships. Social Pressures, Caring Community, Sexual/Gender Identity, Sense of Self, Academic/Social Balance and Empowering Leadership.

    This group is designed to help students improve their communication skills, understand and identify their emotions, and develop strategies to help handle their feelings appropriately.

    This group also provides a chance for students to talk, listen and support each other.

    Open to LBGTQ students of all grades, and their allies.

    There is no cost to participate

    The group meetings will be one to two times per month, on Wednesdays, after school, from 3:50 pm - 4:45 pm in the cafeteria.

    Planned Meeting dates are:9/29, 10/13, 11/3, 11/17, 12/1, 12/15, 1/5, 1/19, 2/16, 3/9, 4/6, 4/20, 5/4, 5/18

    Specific dates that will have meaning to Spectrum Club include

    • October 11: National Coming out Day
    • March 23: Transgender Visibility Day
    • April 23: Day of Silence

    Group Sponsors:

    Ms. Melissa Whyman 720-886-5172

    Ms. Samm Beary: 720-886-5223

  • Technology Student Association

    Technology Student Association Logo

    The Laredo Technology Student Association meets after school on Mondays in our Technology Classrooms, 309 and 310, from October - February.

    Open to Students in all grades

    Participation Fee: $25. ($12 membership; $13 materials)

    Club Sponsors:

    Brian Jernigan: 720-886-5259

    Jim Liebenow: 720-886-5146

    TSA provides rules and guidelines for more than 70 middle school competitions and high school competitions for use in a traditional classroom and virtually for distance learning.

    All TSA competitions are aligned with STEM standards, 21st century leadership skills, and the U.S. Department of Education's National Career Clusters Framework®.

    TSA middle and high school competitions are categorized by career pathways in Architecture and Construction Technology, Communications Technology, Computer Science and Information Technology, Leadership, Manufacturing and Transportation Technology, STEM (General), STEM and the Arts, and Technology and Research.

    State TSA Conference: February 24-26, 2022

  • WEB Leaders

    Two lions beside a tree with mountains in the background

    WEB, which stands for "Where Everyone Belongs", is a middle school orientation and transition program that welcomes 6th Graders and makes them feel comfortable throughout their first year of the middle school experience. 

    Built on the belief that students can help students succeed, the program trains 8th Graders to be WEB Leaders.  As positive role models, WEB Leaders are mentors and student leaders who guide the 6th Graders to discover what it takes to be successful during the transition to middle school and help facilitate 6th grade success.

    In particular, WEB Leaders run the 6th Grade orientation each year before the start of the school year.

    WEB Leaders also assist with morning announcements and 6th grade Advisory lessons, and volunteer at other school-related functions throughout the year, including Back-to-School Night, Parent-Teacher Conferences, and 6th Grade Welcome Night.

    WEB Leaders are eighth grade students selected through an application process at the end of their seventh grade year. We are looking for creative people that want to document the events of our school for the year!

    There is no participation cost.

    Meetings are varied in timing and format and advance notice is given to the group members.

    WEB Sponsors:

    Ms. Kaylee Oberlies 720-886-5113

    Dr. Myka Raymond 720-886-5112

  • Yearbook Club

    Stack of books saying: "A yearbook is one of the most important books you will ever own"

    The Yearbook Club is a group of students who want to be involved in the creation of 'Lionstale', Laredo's yearbook. Together we will decide the theme, plan the book, and take pictures for inclusion in the yearbook.

    We are looking for creative people that want to document the events of our school for the year!

    Students are responsible for the content (pictures, captions, and all text), layout and organization of the yearbook.

    In addition to exposure to photography, investigative journalism, and graphic design, many leadership opportunities exist within the yearbook staff.

    Consistent paticipation will be critical as students are responsible for meeting publishing deadlines of December 10, 2021 and March 10 2022

    Open to students in all grades

    There is no cost to participate.

    Club Sponsor:

    Dr. Myka Raymond 720-886-5112