• Art Club

    Mr. Zalmstra (720-747-2032) 

    Thursday afternoons

  • Battle of the Books

    Ms. Snider  720-747-2026

    4th and 5th Grade ONLY

    Monday afternoons

  • Book Club

    Monday afternoons

    Grades 3-5

  • Destination Imagination

    Libby Aeschbacher (720-747-2037)       ​

    Tuesday afternoons

  • Game Club

    Ms. Argotsinger (729-747-2080) 

    Monday afternoons

  • Girls Leadership Club

    5th Grade Girls ONLY

    every other Tuesday afternoon

  • Homework Club

    Homework Club

    Tuesday and Thursday afternoons​

  • Minecraft EDU Club

    Mr. Solo​​​​​mon (720-747-2040)

    Tuesday afternoons

  • Running Club

    Ms. Gleason (720-747-2024)

    Monday and Thursday afternoons