About Us

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    Mission Statement 

    In partnership with our community, we empower ALL students through academic excellence and innovation to be inspired, confident, and happy in a safe and inclusive learning environment. 


    Our Vision 

    We are committed to... 

    1. Increasing student achievement for ALL 

    1. Creating 21st century learners through innovation 

    1. Cultivating social consciousness through community circles and restorative practices 

    1. Inspiring students to be risk-takers, problem solvers, and critical thinkers through perseverance and grit 

    1. Collaborating school-wide in professional learning communities 

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    Our Core Values 


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    Growth Mindset 

    • We believe in developing our abilities through hard work and dedication to continuous improvement. 

    • To do this, we must model as a district the power of growth and evolution; from classrooms to cafeterias to central administration -- we are all learners. 


    • We recognize that based on factors including but not limited to race, disability, gender, geography and socio-economic status, students might not receive equitable educational opportunities. It is our role to break down these barriers to provide fair access to all. 

    • We believe in providing all students with the support and opportunity they need to forge their pathway of purpose. 

    • We must incorporate equity into every part of our district to create meaningful, positive change. 

    Whole Well-being 

    • We believe in ensuring that our students, teachers, and staff are healthy, safe, engaged, supported, and challenged so that they can thrive in school and in life. 

    • To do this, we must focus on our constituents’ mental, physical, emotional, and social needs. 


    • We believe in encouraging curiosity and investment in learning so that students feel seen and valued. 

    • To do this, we must redesign how we encourage and measure student engagement. 


    • We believe in the power of relationships in helping students and staff grow and thrive. 

    • To do this, we will build and nurture meaningful relationships throughout our school community that let us trust, empathize and belong. 


Last Modified on December 13, 2023