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    At Prairie Middle School, we begin with our mission statement to guide our beliefs and values. We believe that every student who comes to Prairie will grow in his or her knowledge, skills, and experiences to achieve academic excellence. We at Prairie know that learning is the fundamental purpose of why we exist and without a safe and inviting learning environment it is more difficult for learning to take place.

    In order to fulfill our belief that every child can achieve great things, we must offer engaging and rigorous classes that prepare our students for their future academic endeavors. The Prairie community also believes that it is our responsibility to prepare our students to become active members of our school, neighborhood, and society. We believe that our students are the hope for our future and must learn the habits of citizenship, partnership, and leadership.

    We at Prairie are also a big believer in the arts and the impact they have on our students and culture as a whole. Students can explore their interests and develop other talents through our outstanding elective classes. These include a vast amount of opportunities in Music and Fine Arts, World Languages, Global Technology, AVID, and Pre-engineering.

    Prairie is one of the largest and most diverse schools in the state of Colorado. Our students come from 70 countries and speak 40 different languages. We celebrate the fact that diversity is our strength, and cultural awareness is embraced each and every day of the school year. Our staff is passionate about equitable instruction and a compassionate approach to fostering every child’s strengths.

    Middle school can be one of the biggest transitions we face in life. Yet, we find middle school to be one of the most fulfilling times when students learn about growing up. With a 6-12 campus, Prairie, Overland and The Institute of Science and Technology give our students 7 years to grow into the young adults they hope to become.

    And in a time of change, we must always stay grounded to our values. We understand that when the world around us may be moving at a lightning pace, we know that staying grounded on our core values allows any transition to be successful.

    At Prairie Middle School, we look at the 'middle years' as a chance to enrich our students' lives and provide a solid foundation that will serve them. There is nothing more important or more rewarding than helping our students build bright futures. There is no better place to do that than at Prairie Middle School!