Art Club:

    This club is for artistic people who want to expand their talents. The students are exposed to a wide range of art activities from drawing to sculpting and beyond.  Art club meets Thursdays after school. Sponsor: David Howard


    Drama and Musicals:

    Thunder Ridge is known district-wide for its fine plays and musicals. Over 60 student actors plus 20 crew members work on the extra-curricular productions and close to 100​ students will be involved. Many students at TRMS take advantage of this tremendous opportunity! We produce a fall play and a spring musical each year.

    Sponsors: Lauren Heger, Alyson Erwin, Brandi Hollingsworth

    Parent Consent Form for Fall Play

    French Club: 

    ​French Club is for any student interested in exploring French culture through food, crafts, and language. 

    Sponsor: Christina Becker: cbecker4@CherryCreekSchools.org


    Math League:

    Math League is open to all sixth, seventh and eighth graders. The team meets once a week from 3:45-4:40 p.m. Students will sharpen their math skills to get ready for competition with each of the other schools in the district. Math League meets after school on ​Mondays, August through December. 

    Sponsor: TBD


    Minecraft Club:

    Participants (aka 'Minecrafters') engage in activities that promote real-world/digital citizenship, interpersonal leadership skills, time management, communication, and collaboration.  These skills apply to a wide variety of environments in life - especially in the classroom.  Minecrafters create sustainable shelters, work in teams and problem-solve their way through weekly challenges that are fun, exciting and promote great connections with other students and adults.

    Sponsor: Erik Gose


    Music Groups:

    Wind Ensemble, Thunder Ridge Singers, and Chamber Orchestra all meet Tuesday's and Thursday's before school at 8:00 AM. Contact the sponsors for more information.

    Sponsors/Directors: (Band) Nick Curran, (Choir) Brandi Veatch and (Orchestra) Jacob Thaler


    National Junior Honor Society:

    Students who have a cumulative grade point average of 3.5 or above are eligible for membership. In addition, members must meet high standards of service, character and citizenship. Helpful links: 

    Link to NJHS Bylaws

    ​Sponsors: Megan Martinka and Sarah Gosselin


    Project Unify:

    Project UNIFY is a club designed for typical students and students with intellectual disabilities to partner together to provide inclusive sports opportunities, take on school wide youth leadership roles, and planning and promoting whole school involvement through school wide activities.

    Sponsor: Alayna Festi


    Spanish Club:

    Students with a passion for the spanish language and culture. Members participate in various activities like cooking, dancing, playing games, and doing crafts. Members also plan the annual Fiesta Latina each spring.

    Sponsor: Keily Evans  


    Student Council:

    Student Council is a club open to all students who are interested in making Thunder Ridge the best school it can be. Students interested in creating a voice for students, leadership, and organizing dances and fundraisers.

    Sponsors: Christina Becker & Chelsea Bauer: cbecker4@cherrycreekschools.org, cbauer@cherrycreekschools.org   

    Sustainability Squad:

    Students create and implement solutions to environmental problems in our building.

    Sponsor: Kyra Matthews: kmatthews@cherrycreekschools.org   


    WEB Leaders:

    WEB leaders are a selected group of eighth grade students that do just about everything from helping with orientation to facilitating many events at TRMS! These students are strong leaders at our school who help develop the caring community at Thunder Ridge.  

    Sponsors: Kim Rutt, Mariah Koogle



    Thunder Ridge Yearbook introduces 7th and 8th grade students to the process of making a yearbook. The students are involved in all aspects of this project including taking pictures, deciding what to cover, laying out pages, writing copy, selling, and distribution. In the spring students can apply to join yearbook for the following year. 

    Sponsor: Colleen Holtman