Student Drop Off and Pick Up

  • Drop off

    When dropping off your students at the Challenge School, please use the east driveway that enters into the campus from Dayton Street. As you enter the driveway, form one line and drop your students off at the location near the south corner of the building.

    Please cross at the crosswalk only.

    Students should go to the designated entrance for their grade level or to the playground. Backpacks, lunch boxes and other materials should be carried around to the area where students are to enter and placed near the building until the school opens.

    Please, for student safety, do not use the west driveway for student drop-off or pick-up. The west driveway is too small to accommodate traffic congestion and is NOT supervised. This parking lot is reserved for large carpools of 5 or more people and bus transportation only.

    Pick up

    Students may be picked up at 3:00 P.M. from the east parking lot. For safety reasons, please form one line of cars for pick-up. Do not park and leave your car in the pick-up lane; the carpool lane for stopping may be used if there are open spaces in the parking lot prior to 2:50P.M. Please do not park along curbs unless no spaces are available. If you must park along the curb, please remain in your car. Please do not park along the east side of Dayton St. for pick-up because there is no crosswalk to/from the school along Dayton St.

    Parking Lot Map (Click "Parking Lot Map" to print a .pdf)

     Traffic Flow - REVISED October 2020

Last Modified on June 9, 2022