About Us

  • Canyon Creek Elementary Mission, Vision, and Indicators of Success


    In partnership with our community, we are committed to educate and inspire all students to be compassionate, motivated critical thinkers and problem solvers.


    1. We believe that the use of Professional Learning Communities will result in increased success for all students.
    2. We believe that student success can be measured by growth and proficiency, and that we can display this success through multiple data points.
    3. We believe that the manner in which we treat one another at school has an impact on the success of the children at school.
    4. We believe that students will benefit when we engage with our community in meaningful ways.

    Indicators of Success

    • All teachers meet in collaborative teams to plan, create common assessments, and discuss and react to student progress.
    • The conversations and interactions we have with each other and our students reflect a desire to help one another learn and grow.
    • We trust each other enough to take risks in our instruction and then share how that went, regardless of whether it was successful or not.
    • We follow through on our commitments so that we may build a trusting environment.
    • Students can name goals for themselves and identify how they are growing as learners.
    • Equity gaps shrink.
    • Students participate in rigorous activities that allow them to construct their own meaning and interpretation.
    • We care more about what is best for kids than a plan or schedule that benefits personal desires.
    • Teachers, students and other staff members can be heard laughing with each other.
    • We will ask direct questions rather than creating our own incorrect assumptions.
    • The language used in our interactions is respectful even when ideas are being challenged.
    • We are clear about our expectations of each other.
    • Our shared vision is visible to all stakeholders.
    • Parents and community members are in our building volunteering, attending meetings, and enjoying community events.

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Last Modified on February 22, 2022