• Options School and Homeschool - A Special Partnership

    The Options Homeschool Program is part of the Cherry Creek School District, open to students in grades K-12, and is designed to support parents who choose to educate their children at home. Parents remain the primary instructional provider, with the school supplementing and complementing their efforts.

    Families participating in the program receive:

    • Tuition-free program
    • Classes with Licensed Teachers one day a week
    • Access to curriculum to support and supplement home education
    • Hands-on Activity Classes
    • College Credit Courses

     Services Provided

    • Career Counseling
    • Nationally Standardized Testing
    • Transcripts for Options high school classes

    This is possible because, as a part of the public school system, Cherry Creek Schools receives a portion of the Per Pupil Revenue (PPR) for each student enrolled in the Options program. This money is used to pay salaries, to purchase textbooks and curriculum, pay site rental and other costs associated with running the program.

    Why would a parent choose the Options Program?

    Parents choose to place their children in Options because their children can be a part of a classroom experience. They value the opportunity for students to share academic time with their peers. Also, science labs, art, music and other types of classes may be difficult to offer at home. Students are able to participate in group activities such as field trips. Parents encourage the opportunity for their students to experience the rigor of a regular classroom setting and the accountability that comes from deadlines and the need to demonstrate organizational skills.
    Another important aspect is that through enrollment with Options, parents have access to curriculum and testing. Curriculum is available to parents for home use on an annual check-out basis at no cost, except for consumables. All curriculum items are returned at the end of each school year.
    State law relating to homeschooled students requires that each child participating in a non-public home-based educational program be evaluated when the child reaches grades three, five, seven, nine and eleven. Options provides ITBS testing in the spring for all students in those grade levels.  Parents can take advantage of the opportunity to test through Options or they can choose to complete the testing on their own.

    Colorado Law (CO. Statutes 22-33-104.5) requires parents to provide 172 days of instruction averaging 4 hours a day.  Testing is mandatory in grades 3,5,7,9, and 11. 

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