• Purpose

    The accountability Committee is a parent group that works in collaboration with the administrative leadership team to ensoure school accountability for effectiveness in the areas of curriculum, educator effectiveness, security, safety and wellness.  The committee serves as a discussion forum for school policies and planning, budget decisions and staffing plans with the focus on imporovement of CTHS perforamnce.  The committee welcomes participation from all members of hte CTHS community. 

    Goals for the Year

    • To be a sounding board for school leadership on school policies, planning and staffing plans
    • Understand how the Colorado Academic Standards affect the curriculum at CTHS
    • Provide updates on school programs and initiatives
    • To be a voice in shaping a positive CTHS community experience


Date Time Location
10/1/19 6:00pm Library
11/5/19 6:00pm Library
3/3/20 6:00pm Library
5/5/20 6:00pm Library