Online Safety

  • Online safety is a vital topic in this electronic age.  It is important to be informed as both a student and a parent.  Below are a few resources you may find helpful.

    Raise Media Smart Kids 
    (provided by Common Sense Media)

    • Facebook. Cell Phones. Video Gaming – it’s hard to keep up with everything your kids are playing, posting, and texting. But you can help them be safe and responsible.
    • Set limits.
    • On-time and place, and choose age-appropriate TV, movies, music, and games.
    • Make rules.
    • Cell phones belong outside the classroom and away from the dinner table. If your kids wouldn’t say something to someone’s face, they shouldn’t text it either. And IM? Not during homework.
    • Discuss safety.
    • Tell them what kind of photos, videos, and information is okay to post online.
    • Be a media critic.
    • Teach your kids not to believe everything they see or hear. Talk to them about media messages, what you agree with, and what you don’t.
    • Join the fun.
    • Watch, listen and play with your kids. Ask their opinions and embrace their world!

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