Business Department

  • “Those who can access and analyze information will be the leaders of the 21stcentury, and technology will make their leadership possible.”   Alvin Toffler, Power Shift
    Program Overview

    The purpose of the Business/Marketing/Technology Department at Cherokee Trail High School is to provide students with meaningful instruction for and about business, marketing, and technology systems.  A broad, comprehensive curriculum imparts the skills necessary to succeed in an increasingly complex information-based society.  

    The ability to process and manipulate data has become the most important determiner of economic success, on both the individual and business levels.  Successfully analyzing and communicating information to others has always been a vital skill in the business world.  

    Cherokee Trail High School’s vision is to graduate students who are knowledgeable in many areas of business and marketing, poised and professional, comfortable and proficient in using technology in all its forms, and possess the essential skills needed for life-long learning.

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Business Teachers

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