PE & Health Courses

  • Physical Education classes on the Overland-Prairie Campus offer a wide selection of courses for students of all ability levels and interests. Course offerings allow students to explore a variety of activities and topics of interest while fulfilling the high school requirement of 1.5 credits of Physical Education. These activities include our Personal Fitness classes such as, Swimming, Dance, Gymnastics, Body Works and Weight Training 1 & 2. We also offer our popular Recreational and Lifetime Sport Activities which include Team Sports and Individual Sports classes. All Overland students are required to take .5 credits of Health which is a course offered in our Physical Education department.

    Psychology & Sociology of Sports is a traditional classroom class that is in our Academic Fitness classification. For our student athletes at Overland, we offer Athletic Fitness which is a class for the serious athlete wanting to increase their overall athletic strength and fitness levels. We look forward to your participation in the Overland Physical Education Department.


    image of PE courses