World Languages Clubs & Activities

  • Spanish Club / Spanish Honor Society

    Spanish Club is a place for anyone who wishes to learn more about Hispanic culture and language. The group works to promote understanding about Hispanic heritage and traditions. We share culture with the Prairie Preschoolers, Prairie Middle Schoolers and other Spanish Classes throughout the year. We also help organize Culture Night and the Cinco de Mayo celebration for OHS. Depending on the interests of the participants, we learn about food preparations, various traditional dances , art and cinema in Latin America and we participate in various competitions and conferences.


    "Tepochcalli" means "House of Youth" and this group is designed as a place for kids (traditionally of Latino decent, but not limited to) to explore and reach their highest potential through experiencing rights of passage that are meaningful and will help develop self confidence, gain valuable skills as life long learners and to help serve as mentors, advocates and allies for their fellow students, thus building a stronger community and thriving students. Through games, discussions, and a multitude of activities students will be provided an opportunity to develop leadership skills, self-awareness, self-respect, disprove stereotypes, foster cultural/racial proficiency, recognize and eliminate institutional racism and celebrate one another's strengths.

    Chinese Club

    Are you interested in learning more about the Chinese language and culture? Stop by one of the Chinese Club meetings. Please see Ms. Yingxin Liu in the IST with any questions.