• Business hours: 7:30am - 3:30pm

    Phone: 720-886-1930
    Fax: 720-886-2289

  • Students New to CCSD

    Step 1: All students must be registered via the District Admissions’ office prior to enrolling at CT or attending school. Please click here for the Admissions’ webpage and registration details.  

    Step 2: Once registered with the Cherry Creek School District, you must then contact the Cherokee Trail Counseling Department to schedule the new student meeting with a counselor. CTHS Counseling Department can be reach by phone at 720-886-1980​ or email at CTHrecords@cherrycreekschools.org

  • Withdrawals

    In order to withdraw, the student's parent or guardian will need to stop by the CTHS records office in person to complete the withdrawal form.

    Once the withdrawal form is complete, the student will need to get a teacher and department signatures and turn in all library and textbook materials as well as their student id and parking permit. The Cherokee Trail records office will send all records to the new school authority once they fax or email a records request for the student. Records are transferred from school to school rather than via parent, as registrars require signed and sealed transcripts to be considered official. Please share the Cherokee Trail fax and email with your new school registrar to expedite this process.

  • Education Verifications

    Click here to request an Education Verification for a former Cherokee Trail High School student. 


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