School Safety

  • Please see the attached documents regarding school safety at CCHS.

    Keeping our Students Safe 2016

    Readiness and Emergency Management for Schools (REMS) communication has been placed in parent newsletter


    To insure you receive important phone calls from CCHS:

    1. Please log into your account and click on the Parent Forms tile.
    2. Click on your student's name, and select which parent/guardian you would like to receive Outreach & Urgentinformation. Only one parent per household can select the Outreach & Urgent box. If a second parent in the same household would like to receive urgent information, they may click on the Additional & Urgent box, and they will receive all messages, including attendance information.
    3. If you make any changes to these forms, YOU MUST GO all the way through each screen and click NEXT to update all of the forms until you sign off on the signature page at the very end.
    4. Finally, if you would like information on how to communicate with your children about school safety, our mental health department has provided some information. Please click HERE to review several resources or click on the Mental Health Tab on our CCHS web page.


    sample of form parents need to complete to receive important phone calls from the school