Symposiums & Events

  • STEM Symposium:  March 17, 2016

    STEM Symposium Mini Picture On March 17, 2016, students met programmers, engineers, and other STEM professionals and learned what it takes to succeed in those careers. Speakers included Tam Vu (programmer), Yiqun Shellman (STEM cell researcher), Debra Parcheta (database engineer), Kathleen Gegner (engineering grad student), and Amber Gell (spacecraft systems engineer).

    Medical Careers Symposium:  February 26, 2015

    STEM Symposium Mini Picture Students interested in medical careers had the opportunity to hear from professionals working in the field. Elizabeth Ortiz, from the County Coroner's Office, outlined the intricacies of being a medical investigator. Angela VanDijk, a bioengineer from CU Denver, challenged students to use assistive technology to create a device to help someone on crutches (pictured). Joy Schmitter, from the University of Colorado Hospital, described her job as an EMS Coordinator. In addition, Dr. Bingham outlined the field of anesthesiology, and Regina Richards discussed the challenges of medical school.

    Engineering Symposium:  February 25, 2014

    STEM Symposium Mini Picture Students from Overland and feeder schools had the opportunity to learn from professionals in various fields of engineering. Adam Rosenbaum, a mechanical engineer from United Launch Alliance, encouraged students to stay open to opportunities and figure out what motivates them. Jessica Wray, a civil engineer from Merrick, explained how she is able to use her engineering skills in real life as she discussed the mathematics behind the design for her guinea pig's cage. John Smart, a systems controls engineer from Merrick, discussed the importance of good writing skills in his profession. Kerry Jones, a biomedical engineer from Terumo DCP, excited students by discussing opportunities to work with Olympic athletes; she encouraged students to find someone who does the job they think they want and watch him/her in action. Finally, Detlef Kurpanek from Merrick encouraged them to start exploring electronics and robotics with a $15 Arduino Kit.

    Biomedical Engineering & Sciences Symposium:  October 10, 2013

    STEM Symposium Mini Picture Students working with power tools Kevin Lear and Brett Beal, from the Colorado State University Biomedical Engineering Program, sparked the interest of midddle- and high-school students at the Biomedical Engineering Symposium. Students learned about a variety of ways to impact healthcare through careers in biomaterials, imaging, and biomechanics. Prairie students had the opportunity to manipulate medical equipment, such as pulse oximeters and stethoscopes. Overland students worked in teams to create a functioning, prosthetic foot. In addition, professionals from Craig Hospital worked with elementary students in a hands-on exploration of medical devices, such as sphygmomanometers.
    CSU Biomdical Engineering website:

    NASA HUNCH Group Goes to Houston:  April 2013

    STEM Symposium Mini Picture Overland High School HUNCH Team The Overland High School HUNCH Team (sponsored by NASA) traveled to Houston to conduct experiments in zero gravity. Follow their trip and check out the once-in-a-lifetime experience on their Facebook page.
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    Applied Math & Computer Science Symposium:  February 26, 2013

    STEM Symposium Mini Picture Brian Huang and Lindsay Craig (SparkFun Electronics), Gayle Lettenmaier (Visa), Andy Wong (USBank), and Adam Hecht (Google), spoke to elementary, middle, and high school students about the applications of math in real-world careers. Students had to opportunity to work with a hands-on electronics kit, discuss financial topics, and investigate Google Earth tools.

    Arts & Technical Communications Symposium:  October 10, 2012

    STEM Symposium Mini Picture Drew Soicher (Channel 9) and Dave Aguilera (Channel 4) and other professionals in the fields of Broadcast Journalism, Photography, and Graphic/Web Design, spoke to elementary, middle, and high school students. The overall message was clear: understand your audience, dare to be different, and don't forget to be yourself.

    Astronaut Leland Melvin Visits IST:  August 30, 2012

    STEM Symposium Mini Picture Astronaut Leland Melvin visited the Institute of Science and Technology on August 30, 2012. He was met by a group of Prairie students whom he encouraged to pursue studies in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Aerospace careers, he told them, will be in high demand in the near future as older pilots and astronauts reach retirement.

    Jane Goodall Brings Message of Hope:  August 21, 2012

    STEM Symposium Mini Picture Primatologist Dr. Jane Goodall addressed Overland students and faculty on August 21, 2012, with the greeting call of a chimpanzee. She brought a message of hope for young people, encouraging them to follow their dreams and never give up trying to achieve them.

    Engineering Seminar:  February 23, 2012

    STEM Symposium Mini Picture In honor of National Engineering Week, the Overland-Zone proudly launches the Engineering & Technology career concentration with an Engineering Seminar. This event will feature guest speakers from a variety of engineering fields and is open to elementary, middle, and high school students who wish to apply.

    TSA Convention:  February 9-11, 2012

    STEM Symposium Mini Picture Seven OHS-IST students attended the 2012 Colorado State Technology Student Association Convention, with their sponsor Mrs. Gregg. The event took place February 9 to 11 at the Marriott located in the Denver Technology Center.

    President Lizarlette Alvarez competed in the Architectural Model competition by designing a Senior Citizens Daycare Center, producing construction drawings of the building and finally a 24"x24" model of the facility. Vice President Mariah Maestas competed in the Computer Aided Design – 2D Architecture Level and designed a Coffee Shop. Peter Taenzer, Garrison Snyder, Liz Guzman, and Brenda Morales competed in Promotional Design and submitted themed TSA lapel pins. Garrison Snyder, Peter Taenzer, and Brenda Morales also competed in Computer Aided Design - 3D Engineering. Peter Taenzer won third place in the Coiorado State competition, Computer Aided Design-3D Engineering using the 3D Solid Works Program he learned during Technical Drawing Class.

    The Success for Every Student Conference:  November 2011

    STEM Symposium Mini Picture The Overland-Zone proudly presents The Success for Every Student Conference series, featuring keynote speaker Dr. Ben Carson. Dr. Carson's success and contribution to Johns Hopkins Hospital has been phenomenal. He has received much recognition for performing and mastering ground-breaking surgical procedures. Dr. Carson uses his dedication and talent to take on seemingly impossible operations, giving children hope for a second chance at a healthy and normal life. With the opening of the Institute of Science & Technology, Dr. Carson is an inspiration for everyone, including students interested in health sciences. His work proves that success for all students is possible though the investment in education.

    Health Science Symposium:  November 2011

    STEM Symposium Mini Picture To launch its Health Sciences career concentration, the Institute of Science & Technology invited students to attend the Health Sciences Symposium on Friday, November 18, 2011. Students from the feeder elementary schools, Prairie Middle School, and Overland High School were encouraged to apply, and a group of about 70 students was chosen. The application process helped to ensure that the audience had a genuine interest in pursuing a health science career.

    NASA Astronauts:  September 2011

    STEM Symposium Mini Picture Selected elementary, middle, and high-school students attended a presentation by NASA astronauts. Students participated in person and remotely through a TV broadcast and blog. Topics included a space suit discussion, extravehicular activities, and an astronaut talk. Students also had the opportunity to consider related careers in science and technology.

    IST Ribbon Cutting:  August 2011

    STEM Symposium Mini Picture The Institute of Science and Technology (IST) building was officially unveiled on August 17, 2001 at the ribbon-cutting ceremony. Staff, students, and community members gathered to cut the ribbon and tour the new building.

    IST Open House:  April 2011

    STEM Symposium Mini Picture

    Over 1000 were in attendance at the Institute of Science & Technology Open House on Thursday, April 7. The turnout was so amazing that the Overland auditorium would not hold all the guests; many watched the presentation via Skype in the gym. Honored guests included our Superintendent, Mary Chesley, as well as school board members and administrators from all the schools in the O-Zone.

    Special thanks goes to Lara Kendrick and Student Council along with students from the Institute program and from Prairie for providing tours; to Darrel Laguardia and the Jazz Band along with Marty Jacob and the Jazz Choir for outstanding musical performances; to Deb Lacour and FCCLA for catering the occasion; and to Ben Lindemann, Jennifer Ford, and Wendy Somers for assisting with the technology for the evening.