Bands, Choirs and Orchestras

  • Color Guard / Winter Guard​

    Sponsor: Tim Libby​
    ​Office: FA 640A
    ​Color Guard is the visual accent to the Marching Band's performance.  Winter Guard participate in their own competitions during the winter sports season.  

    Jazz Bands​​

    ​Sponsors: Tim Libby / Sam Hesch
    ​​Office: FA 640A
    ​The Jazz Bands are composed of small groups of students who play wind instruments supported by a rhythm section that performs jazz, rock, and Latin music from various historical periods. Participation is by audition only. Auditions take place in March.​

    Marching Band

    ​Sponsor: Tim Libby
    ​Office: FA 640A
    ​The Marching Band is made up of wind instrument players, percussion instrument players, and color guard members. The Marching Band represents Cherry Creek High School in various school, local, state, national, and international events. Students must be enrolled in a band class in order to participate. Exceptions for this rule can be made at the director's discretion.​

    Pep Band​

    ​Sponsor: Tim Libby​
    ​Office: FA 640A
    ​The Pep Band represents the Marching and Jazz Bands at activities and athletic events, when the full marching Band (140 members), cannot perform.​

    Percussion Ensemble​

    ​Sponsors: Tim Libby / Mike Nevin
    ​Office: FA 640A
    ​The Percussion Ensemble is the drum section of the Marching Band. In addition, this group performs percussion literature on their own, independent of the Marching Band. Percussion Ensemble performs at CCHS's annual Ethnic Fest and other related musical events.​

    Concert Band, Symphonic Band, Wind Ensemble​

    Sponsors: Tim Libby / Sam Hesch
    ​Office: FA 640A​
    ​These are select groups of winds and percussion. They meet as classes and perform throughout the year.​

    A Cappella Choir​

    Sponsor: Sarah Branton / Adam Cave​
    ​Office: FA 641A / FA 641B
    ​A Cappella Choir is a mixed ensemble of 10-12 grade students. It is a non-audition group and is composed of 90 members. All students are welcome to join and do not need previous experience in choirs.​


    ​Sponsor: Sarah Branton​
    ​Office: FA 641A​
    ​This choir is made up of ninth grade girls. It is a non-audition group. The Choralaires perform a variety of literature throughout the year at school concerts.​

    Creek 21​

    Sponsor: Adam Cave​​, Office: FA 641B
    ​Girls' 21 is a women's choir of 40-50 members, selected through audition. This choir performs regularly in the school and community and travels both nationally and internationally.​


    Sponsor: Sarah Harrison​
    ​Office: FA 641A​
    ​This group is comprised of 38-50 junior and senior students who perform classical literature from around the world. This ensemble is for the student who wishes to audition for a choir that performs regularly. National and international tours occur on alternating years.​


    Sponsor: Adam Cave
    ​Office: FA 641B​
    ​This choir is open to all 9th grade boys. No audition is required. We perform varied literature throughout the year at concerts and in the community.​


    Sponsor: Sarah Branton
    ​Troubadors is a singing group open to male students, faculty, fathers, and community members. The ensemble meets Tuesday and Thursday mornings October through December and again march through May. All are welcome and encouraged to attend.​

    ​Union Street Jazz​

    ​Sponsor: Adam Cave​​​
    ​Office: FA 641B​​
    ​This is a performing group of 15 to 25 singers and a rhythm section that meets as a regular class throughout the school year with extra-required rehearsals. The emphasis of the course and club is to expose students to the professional standards of vocal music.​

    ​Chamber, Concert and Symphonic Orchestra​

    ​Sponsor: Jennifer Poole​
    ​Office: FA 642A
    ​Orchestra (Concert and Symphonic) meets as a class and performs through the year. Attendance at occasional evening and outside concerts is mandatory.​