• Dear Thunder Ridge Families!

    Welcome back! Or if you are new to our Thunder Ridge Community, welcome and we are delighted you are joining our amazing school family! I hope that you have found some time this summer to relax, take care of yourselves, and spend some quality time with your families. Our leadership team has been thinking about you a lot over the last couple of weeks as we have been preparing for your safe return. We all look forward to a building filled with children and teachers once again! As we welcome you back, we want to assure you that health and safety is our number one priority.

    This year will be quite different as we lost our beloved Assistant Principal, Mr. Charles Fritz. I only knew him one year and the impact he had on me was tremendous, so I can only imagine how those of you must feel who have known him so much longer! I do know that he would want us to continue this great work and ensure that our students get and receive everything they need to be successful! In the words he would always say, “We get to do this!”

    In honor of Mr. Fritz and with great Thunder pride let’s take on this 2020-2021 school year like “The Amazing Race” by giving it all we have got, facing our fears, and remembering that “We get to do this!” I am proud to be your principal, and together we will take great care of our students while ensuring they are in a learning environment that is grounded in our “Thunder Values”: Dream Big, Inspire Everyone, Create a Roadmap, Believe in Yourself, Achieve, and Work Hard.  Together, we will work diligently to inspire our students to think, to learn, to achieve, and to care.

    We have a few staff changes to announce for the 2020-2021 school year. Please welcome the following individuals to our school community:

    Assistant Principal – Dr. Brad Weinhold                 

    Assistant Principal – Mrs. Katie Nelson

    Dean – Mrs. Clare Dardis                                     

    8th grade Math/Algebra I – Mrs. Sarah Gosselin

    Choral Music – Mrs. Kathleen Cribari                     

    English Language Support – Mrs. Arielle Cobble

    Special Education LD– Ms. Rea Faber                     

    AVID – Mrs. Maria Cobb

    Before and After School

    Unfortunately this year due to Covid-19 restrictions, we will not be able to offer study hall, clubs or open gym before or after school as we have in the past. Therefore, students need to be dropped off no earlier than 8:30am (Doors open at 8:40am) and they need to be picked up by 4:00pm. We will not have supervision available for students prior to 8:30am or after 4:00pm. Please make arrangements to accommodate these new times.

    Visitors in the Building

    Again, due to Covid-19 restrictions, we have to significantly limit the number of visitors allowed in the building to reduce the number of contacts. You are welcome to drop items off at security for your student, and we will get them to them, as we always have. Visiting classrooms, conferences in person, and lunch with your child in our cafeteria will be temporarily on pause.

    Please remember that my virtual door is always open. Look for me outside on duty, email me or set up a virtual meeting with me. I look forward to continuing to getting to know all of the families at Thunder Ridge Middle School.

    Water Bottle

    The water fountains will not be available for students to utilize at school. Only the water bottle refillers will be turned on. Please make sure that your child brings a water bottle to school daily to keep them hydrated.


    Lockers will not be used during this school year. Students will carry their belongings with them all day in their backpacks.

    Cafeteria – Lunch

    We have created a very safe space in our cafeteria for students to spread out, remove their mask while eating and enjoy their lunch. Students will have the opportunity to eat lunch outside at one of our tables on the patio or in our designated room just off the library. We want to let you know that students will not be able to use the microwaves due to COVID-19 restrictions, so please make sure that any lunches brought from home are edible without being heated up.

    Traffic Patterns and Student Entrance and Exit Plan

    Please see the attached traffic patterns document for how and where to enter and drop off your student(s) as well as the building entrances for students. Please have your child ready to exit the car as you pull up in the drop off lane and have them exit promptly and safely. The drop off lanes are for that only. If you have to wait in your car for any extended period of time, please pull into a parking spot. The same is true for when you are picking your child up in the afternoon. If you know your child is going to take longer than usual to get to your car at the end of the day, plan on pulling into a parking spot. 

    The traffic patterns document attached is color coded to show you the various flows allowed to drop off and pick up your child. You may use any of the traffic paths for any grade level. That being said, students do have very specific doors to enter first thing in the morning designated by grade level. 8th graders enter in the main entrance doors. 7th graders enter in the doors on the lower west side of the building by the 7th grade patio area. 6th graders enter in the doors on the lower west side of the building by the 6th grade patio area.

    Students will exit in a staggered manner through doors nearest their last class of the day.

    What students need to bring to school.

    Students should bring their backpacks, a notebook or binder with paper to take notes, a pen and/or pencil to write with, copy of student schedule or electronic accessible schedule, a water bottle, personal lunch or lunch money and a mask.

    If you have any questions, please be sure to check our website at thunderridge.cherrycreekschools.org or give us a call here at TRMS at 720-886-1505. Welcome and we look forward to seeing you soon.



    Blakley Wallace

    Blakley Wallace, Ed. D.

    Principal, Thunder Ridge Middle School


Picture of Blakley Wallace