Important Phone Numbers

  • These phone numbers are the most commonly referenced numbers for our school.
    Please see Department Information for staff phone numbers and email addresses not listed below.

    Activities 720.886.1511
    Athletics 720.886.1511
    Attendance Office 720.886.1513
    Bookkeeper 720.886.1519
    Building Usage 720.886.1505
    Discipline/Dean's Office 720.886.1511
    Nurses Clinic 720.886.1580
    Cafeteria/Kitchen 720.886.1585
    Main Office 720.886.1505
    Main Office Fax 720.886.1582
    Registrar 720.886.1567
    School Pictures 720.886.1505
    Student Records 720.886.1567
    TRMS Primary Phone 720.886.1500
    Visitors 720.886.1505

    Colorado School Safety Hotline (877) 542-SAFE
    This hotline is an anonymous, toll-free telephone number that parents, teachers, and children can call 24 hours a day to report any potential acts of school violence.