• Design, Multimedia, & Digital Communications

    This class introduces students to a variety of pathways in audio/video technology. They will be introduced to podcasting, script writing, and live productions over a nine week period. Students will have a chance to rotate through a variety of positions that connect to the real world, such as producers, reporters, camera operators, directors, and editors. Students will also be introduced to vocabulary used in the communications industry.

  • Audio/Video Production I

    This semester long course develops more of an in-depth look at the audio/video production industry. Students will focus on camera shots and angles, working to create videos that are to a professional level. Students will further develop their script writing and storyboard development by creating production teams that have meetings and work together to develop an interesting film. Students will have the opportunity to focus on the audio side of the industry as well, learning how to create podcasts, and develop radio shows. Students will continue to study the roles of a producer, reporter, director, editor, anchor, and camera operator. Students are encouraged to develop their own content that they feel their peers would be interested in.

  • Audio/Video Production II

    As students enter this course, it is recommended that they have completed the previous two courses, but it is not required. Students will apply for jobs during the first couple of weeks. They will also choose an audio route or video route. The students will then have meetings with their teams to create a show. Students will work on live broadcast productions, as well as radio shows and podcasts. The producers of each group will meet weekly to make sure everyone is on the same page about the production, as well as to work with each other based on needs for content. The students will then use the week to compile their stories and content for the shows that will be filmed at the end of the week. Finished productions will be sent to the whole school to watch.