• Introduction

    The 6th grade Spanish course will introduce students to the basics of the language and culture. This introductory course is for students who would like to begin learning world languages and cultures in middle school. Students perform basic functions of the language being studied using increasingly complex structures as the student becomes familiar with some detailed elements of the culture. The emphasis is placed on the ongoing progressive development of listening, speaking, reading, writing, and viewing skills within a given context extending outside of the classroom setting. This class is not a prerequisite for other world languages courses and does not allow a student to earn a high school credit.

  • Spanish A

    This course is an introduction to the basic language and skill of Spanish. It is intended for any 7th grade students – whether they took a Spanish class during the 6th grade or did not take a Spanish class during 6th grade. It will enable students to participate in short conversations, to comprehend phrases and questions, and to write short dialogues and paragraphs. Students will also learn where Spanish is spoken, its influence on English, and the cultural traditions associated with Spanish speaking countries. Homework is assigned regularly. The combination of Spanish A and Spanish B allows students to enter Spanish II in high school.

  • Spanish B

    Spanish B is a continuation of Spanish A. Spanish B students will become more fluent in their reading and writing skills and enhance their speaking abilities. Students enhance their vocabulary and grammar skills through speaking, listening, reading, and writing activities. In addition, students are able to understand cultural perspectives from a variety of experiences. The combination of Spanish A and Spanish B allows students to enter Spanish II in high school.