• 6th Grade

    The sixth grade curriculum emphasizes the elements and principles of art. Through drawing, painting, and expressing themselves, students will improve fine motor skills while learning new techniques and exploring a wide variety of media.

  • 7th Grade

    Over the course of a semester, students will gain exposure to and experience with a variety of two-dimensional and three-dimensional art forms. Woven into each project are concepts addressing the elements and principles of art. Aspects of art that will be explored include communication, personal expression, art history, and original thought. Students will have the opportunity to further skills they may have already developed, as well as gain new skills in a variety of media. 

  • 8th Grade

    In 8th grade Art, divergent thinking is stressed as well as the idea of art as communication. The elements and principles of design continue to be integrated into all projects. This class will expose students to a variety of 2D media used in art such as oil pastels, chalk pastels, paint, and pencil, and 3D media such as clay.

  • Studio Art 8

    Studio Art will focus on student-driven projects and will require out-of-school time. Students will develop projects based on illustration, graphic design, painting, drawing and ceramics. A weekly art project will be completed at home, as well as research on artists and techniques. Studio Art will explore a wide range of media and techniques providing for high-school level preparation.

    Students can expect to spend time outside of class creating works of art in their sketchbooks. Projects will be completed in one- to two-week intervals and a digital portfolio will be created of their artwork. This class can also be taken with 8th grade art so 8th grade students can take a year of visual art.