Social Studies: 7th Grade

  • Students will explore the first humans and early civilizations of the Eastern Hemisphere. Throughout the course students will analyze primary and secondary sources, interpret maps and data connected to units of study. Content includes study of Paleolithic and Neolithic people, Mesopotamia, Ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome, China, World Religions, West African Kingdoms, and Renaissance. Students will explore the cultural, economic, political, and geographic impacts of each civilization. They are challenged to make modern connections and use historical thinking to determine how the past has influenced the world of today. The course will develop many academic and social skills including critical thinking, collaboration, formal writing, reading comprehension, creating and defending and argument, and self-reflection. Upon completion of the course, students will have a solid foundation of the great civilizations of the Eastern Hemisphere. Students will use this background knowledge for success in future social studies classes based around European exploration, United States History, World History and World Geography.

Image of girl tossing globe into the air