• Horizon Community Middle School


    Welcome to Horizon Community Middle School! Our staff is comprised of dedicated teachers who are committed to your success in middle school. We work hard to support the whole-child, applying a growth mindset each day. We encourage students to come to school as their true authentic selves, and we strive to design relevant and meaningful learning experiences to meet the needs of all students.

    The three years of middle school are a time of opportunities, challenges, and adventures for students. We are honored to inspire students during this pivotal time in their lives. Our primary goal is to support the academic, emotional, and social growth of every student. We understand that students develop at different rates, and we honor each of our student’s individuality. We facilitate learning by challenging, motivating, and encouraging. We promote opportunities for independence and interdependence within our school community to ensure that our students reach their full academic and social potential. In doing this, we aim to maintain an environment that is both psychologically and physically safe.

    A Day in the Life of a Horizon Community Student

    The schedule was designed with our mission and values in mind. It allows for a great deal of flexibility to balance academic instruction, enrichment, and support.

    Students attend four core content classes, two elective classes, lunch, and Advisory.

    Learning Without Limits:

    When we say that our goal is Learning: Every Day for Every One, we mean Every Student. To make this possible, we believe that every student must have access and opportunity to engage in rigorous, meaningful learning experiences in preparation for high school success.

    Our faculty is committed to providing high-level instructional practices that are rooted in relevant academic content and authentic relationships. Aligned with the district goals of College and Career Readiness and Inclusive Excellence for every student, there are no limits to what students can learn at Horizon Community Middle School.

    Academic Calendar:

    The academic calendar is organized into four quarters each lasting approximately nine weeks. Core classes last all year—four quarters. Some elective classes, such as Band/Orchestra and AVID also last all year. Other elective classes such as Art, Technology, and PE last one semester—two quarter, and most 6th grade elective classes are offered for one quarter so that students are exposed to a variety of experiences. Academic grades are calculated each quarter; grades are not averaged at the semester. Grades are finalized after the quarter ends.