Academic Standards

  • Math

    Mountain Vista uses the Colorado Mathematics Academic Standards to plan and implement rigorous, engaging, conceptual lessons daily. Our curriculum, Bridges in Mathematics, provides dynamic lessons that focus on a deep understanding of mathematical concepts, mastery of foundational skills, and the ability to solve complex critical thinking problems. Utilizing Bridges, our teachers provide lessons that combine instruction, investigation, and mathematical exploration. With teacher support, students of all learning styles and ability levels access grade-level content within the general education classroom.


    Mastery of reading skills is one of the most important aspects of a child's education. Reading fluency and comprehension are necessary to success in other academic subjects. Students acquire reading skills through a variety of genres as teachers provide direct instruction, guided reading groups, shared//interactive/independent reading, and classroom libraries. Reading is also imbedded into all academic subjects. Teachers use integrated curriculum maps to determine grade-level skills that can be applied in science, social studies, and math. These thematic lessons increase the depth of daily instruction as students apply comprehension skills to better understand the content of daily lessons.


    Writing instruction is incorporated throughout the day at Mountain Vista. Students learn skills in different genres including narrative, expository, and opinion essays. Students are also expected to write in response to a variety of texts; it is important for students to be able to articulate their thinking and ideas about science, social studies, math, and reading content. Teachers plan lessons that embed writing skills into other content to make learning thematic. Our teachers use a writing program that teaches each genre through direct instruction, skill practice, and application.


    As a Cherry Creek School, Mountain Vista uses FOSS (Full Option Science System) kits to teach the Colorado Academic Standards. Students and teachers participate in hands-on experiments and activities driven by inquiry-based investigation. Learners develop a deeper understanding of science concepts as they observe and test their own ideas through learned concepts, solving problems with logic and critical thinking skills. FOSS enhances learning as students read a variety of texts and provide written responses about their newly discovered knowledge.

     Social Studies

    As a Cherry Creek School, Mountain Vista uses Social Studies Alive, History Alive, and Colorado Story to teach the Colorado Academic Standards. Through a variety of direct instruction and inquiry-based lessons, students access grade-level content in history, geography, economics, and civics. Students apply their skills as social studies content is incorporated into other academic subjects throughout the day.

Last Modified on June 13, 2019