• Health Services at Thunder Ridge Middle School

    As the school nurse, I am here to address the health needs of all students at our school. Please use this as a resource for common health forms and other resources that may be needed for the school year. My primary goal is to promote the health and safety of our students here at TRMS. 


    As you prepare for your student's entry into middle school, you must provide written proof of childhood immunizations against vaccine-preventable diseases must be up-to-date as required by Colorado state law (C.R.S. #25-4-900). In middle school the Tdap vaccine is required at the entry of 6th grade. 

    If you receive a letter stating that your student's immunization record is not compliant, please take care of it ASAP. Do not wait until the last minute to obtain these important shots. There are opportunities to receive immunizations free of charge or at a reduced rate. 

    If you have personal or religious exemptions, please visit this website and follow the instructions. https://cdphe.colorado.gov/nonmedical-exemption-nme

    Medications/Medical Forms

    The following guidelines shall also pertain to the administration of medication to students in the school setting:

    • Over the Counter Medications: Written parental permission is required for administration of over-the-counter medications. Since many medications resemble another in appearance, medication must be sent to the school in the original manufacturer's container with the label intact. If a student requires a dosage outside the manufacturer's recommendations, a healthcare provider's authorization for the variation is required in addition to the parent's signature. Since aspirin has been associated with Reyes Syndrome when given to children with influenza or chicken pox, medications containing aspirin may only be administered with a healthcare provider's and a parent/guardian signature. 
    • Medical Procedures: Medical procedures that need to be done at school, require a physicians order. Permission for Nursing Procedures 

    Vision and Hearing:

    All 7th grade students, students with IEPs and any students new to the district will be screened for vision and hearing during the school year. If you choose to opt-out of any screenings, please contact the school nurse ASAP.

    Please feel free to contact the Health Office with any updates to your child's health needs or with any questions. 


    Kendra Levin, RN, BSN

    Janet Kozak, TMS Health Liaison

    Clinic Office: 720-886-1580

    Fax: 720-886-1586

    Email: klevin@cherrycreekschools.org