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  • Acceptable Use Policy  — AUP

    In order for any of the devices to go home, this paperwork must be filled out. One thing the office looks for is if the “Parent Forms” have been completed. If these haven't been completed, then the internet usage will not be allowed and the student is unable to get on the internet at school.

    The form linked below must be filled out for all 3rd graders and new students to BFH in 4th and 5th grades who are planning on using a school iPad. Parents can choose to have the school iPad insured for a $30 nonrefundable fee. If the iPad is damaged, the $30 will cover the cost to repair the iPad. The parent will then be responsible for completing another form and pay $30 to continue to cover the iPad for future damage. Cords, Power Adapters, iPads, and cases will be turned in at the end of each school year.


    If parents choose to not cover the iPad with the insurance policy, here are the costs for repair.

    Image of the repair costs for iPad damages


    iPad Tips

    Here is where we will have different tips that we are seeing students and parents do and some helpful guidance on how to work around them. 

    1. Please do not try to plug our school iPads into your iTunes at home!! For the 2017-2018 school year students will not have Apple IDs on their school iPads. Please do not try connecting your school iPad to a home computer.
    2. If your child wants to put a passcode on the iPad to get into it, please have them give you the passcode. We are finding that the students are forgetting their passcode and then being locked out of their iPad. 
    3. Backing up your iPad. Also, for the 2017-2018 school year, students will want to back up all school related pictures, videos, and projects to their Cherry Creek Google account through Google Drive. The student's login is their CCSD email account (usually their first initial, last name, and sometimes a number followed by @cherrycreekschools.org). Their password for their Google account is their student ID. Once logged into the Google Drive app on the iPad or through a web browser on a home computer the students can save or download pictures, videos, and projects to their account. ​


    iPad Tips and Tricks


Last Modified on November 20, 2019