• Curriculum Check-out Information

    Before you schedule your appointment, please read this important information!

    1. We will only be able to accept checks or credit card payments.  We can no longer accept cash.

    2. If you have any outstanding fees or fines, you will not be able to check-out any curriculum until those items are returned or paid for.

    3.  You must complete your online parent forms before your appointment.

    4.  Classroom curriculum will be distributed on the first day of school.

    5.  Only 1 adult family member will be allowed in the building during your check-out appointment.

    No children please.

    6.  Please review the information listed below and the documents attached to this email.

    7.  Sign-Up Genius links with specific appointment information will be emailed by July 23, 2021.

     Other Important Information

    A) If you withdraw at any time during the school year, curriculum is due back on the students last day of attendance.

    B) Curriculum is on a first come, first served basis—no preorders.  If we are out of an item that you want, we will be happy to place you on a waiting list for the next available copy.

    C) Each student may have a maximum of 11 curriculum items checked out at one time.  This includes their home and class books.  Each student can check-out up to 4 Language Arts items,  1 curriculum for each subject of:  Art, Math, Science, Social Studies, and World Language and 1 item from the miscellaneous category. 

    D) BookShark and Math Manipulatives are one set per family.  Math manipulative sets must match the curriculum the student checks out.  For example, Math-U-See manipulatives are only for use with Math-U-See curriculum.

    E) BookShark is a complete Social Studies curriculum with LA components.  You may add up to 3 more LA items with this choice.

    F) Student materials used in the classroom will be delivered in class on the first day of school. 

    G) Do not check-out 2 types of curriculum per subject if student is enrolled in a core class.  For example, if your student is taking a math class, you can not check-out a second math curriculum.

    H) Curriculum exchanges and returns will begin September thru February.

    I) A second BookShark kit can be checked out after October 1st.  However, it must be of a different level than your current kit and must go on a different student’s account (within your family).

    J) No curriculum check-out or consumable purchases are available during the months of March and April, 2022. 

    K) Curriculum exchanges for the next school year will begin in May of 2022.

    L) NEW STUDENTS will receive a ONE TIME ONLY 20% discount on the consumables that match curriculum check-out items.

    M) All Curriculum will be due by June 30, 2022 unless your student is withdrawing from the program.

    N) Curriculum overdue fines will begin accruing July 1, 2022.


    If you have further questions after reviewing & researching curriculum choices, you may contact the Options main office at 720-554-5700 or your coordinator.  Please note that curriculum available through the Options Program is not a requirement for home use.