• Early Return Days

    For Early Return Days, please follow these simple steps:

    1. Make an appointment on Sign-Up Genius (a link will be provided by email in the Spring).
    2. Come to the Curriculum Center at the Cherry Creek Options Office at your appointment time. Please enter through door #2
    3. Return all your current curriculum NO RENEWALS. The only renewals allowed at Early Bird Days will be for Math Manipulatives, Spelling Power and Sing, Spell, Read & Write Level K-1 (Level 2-3 is only a 1 year curriculum). Please remember to bring these items to your curriculum appointment.
    4. View and select your 2019-2020 curriculum. Our staff will help you select your new items.
    5. Pay for your consumables. Consumables must match check-out items. Check or credit card payments preferred! (Visa & MC).  

    Please note: If you are missing any check-in/renewal items, you will not be able to check-out your 2019- 2020 curriculum until those items are returned or paid for. To avoid this type of situation, please check your kit contents and CD/DVD holders carefully.


    Frequently Asked Questions

     What are Early Return Days?

    Early Return Days are for our families that are completely finished with the current years curriculum and are ready to check-out the next school years curriculum. 

    Can I renew my current curriculum at Early Return Days?

    The only renewals that are allowed will be for multi-year curriculum i.e.; Math Manipulatives, Spelling Power and Sing, Spell, Read & Write K-1.

    Why should I participate in Early Return Days?

    As a thank you for returning all of your current year curriculum early, you will receive a one time, 20% discount on all of your consumables!  Plus, you will have the best opportunity to access curriculum that is in limited supply.

    Where are Early Return Days held?

    Early Return Days will be held at the Cherry Creek Options Main Office.  The office is located at 14603 E. Fremont Ave., Centennial, CO  80112.

    When are Early Return Days?

    Early Return Days are held during the month of May.  An email will be sent via Blackboard connect with additional information and specific dates.

    What do I need to Bring to Early Return Days?

    All of your current school year curriculum and your student’s class schedule for the next school year.  (Schedules and pricelists will be available from your coordinator May 1st)

    Do I need an appointment to participate in Early Return Days?

    Yes.  More information will be sent to you in the Spring.

    What do I do if I’m not ready for Early Return Days?

    If you need to renew some or all of your curriculum you will need to make an appointment to participate in June Curriculum Days. 


    Please note: Items returned during Early Return Days are not available for re-check out for a period of 1 year.