• ​​​Are you interested in knowing more about what Accountability Committee is or in attending a Liberty Accountability meeting? Read below for details about how you can get involved.
    Top 10 Reasons to attend the Liberty Accountability Committee:
    1.  Get to know Liberty's principal, Kevin Doherty, other administrators  and teachers.
    2.  Understand the Unified Improvement Plan (UIP).
    3.  Learn how to understand test data and review academic performance.
    4.  You can explain to others the importance of the Accountability Committee.
    5.  It provides a forum to share your ideas about the school.
    6.  Receive updates on school climate and understand data related to this.
    7.  Reports from District Accountability meetings.
    8.  Review school safety and security issues.
    9.  Know what is going on in your child's middle school.
    10.  Meet new people while getting involved.