• Attendance Phone Number


    Attendance Procedure

    For the protection of students and the accurate monitoring of attendance, please follow the procedure below when reporting an absence.

    1. Call the Attendance Office prior to 2:00 p.m. on the day of the absence. When leaving a message, please include:
      • Student’s name, spelling the last name
      • Reason for absence
      • Parent's Name
      • Phone number where you can be reached.
    2. If your student is going to be absent all day (from CCIC and from the student's home high school) you must notify both CCIC and the student's home high school of the absence.
    3. If your student needs to be dismissed early from class, he/she must bring a signed note to the Attendance Office prior to the start of the school day. This will help reduce disruptions in the classroom. Students who leave campus without following the above procedure may not be marked “excused”.
    4. In the event that a student becomes ill at school and needs to go home, he or she must either report to the clinic where the school nurse will phone a parent/guardian or have a parent/guardian call and give permission to the main office to excuse the student.
    5. Absences that are not excused within 48 hours will require approval for changing the absence to “excused.”
    6. In the event that a student is supervised temporarily by an adult other than the parents, the parent should notify the attendance office in writing, providing the name, address and phone number of the supervising adult.
    7. The district may require suitable proof regarding the above exceptions, including written statements from medical sources.
    8. If a student is running late, they must stop and check in at the reception desk to receive a pass before heading to class.

    Parent Notification

    Our computerized parent notification system will call your home twice a day to inform you of unexcused absences. A call to the Attendance Office to excuse the absence on the day of the absence (before 2:00 p.m.) will prevent the computer from calling you. We appreciate your help in following these procedures. If you have any questions, feel free to call the Attendance Office.

    Attendance Codes

    For your reference, the following codes will be used to appropriately record attendance in PowerSchool.


    • Student arrives late, but within the first 10 minutes of class

    UP—Unexcused Late

    • Student arrives 11-60 minutes late to class

    U—Unexcused Absence

    • Student doesn't not show up to class at all
    • Student arrives more than 60 minutes late
    • Student does not return from break
    • Student leaves early and fails to return to class and/or leaves without permission


    L - Late (Excused Tardy)

    •  Student arrives late from an appointment with appropriate documentation required



Last Modified on August 30, 2019