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  • What is Workforce Excellence?

    icon with person standing with flag on pole We will meet the needs of our students with a high-quality workforce that can support our diverse community and provide world-class instruction and services. We will do this by focusing on recruitment, retention and wellness.

  • Recruitment:

    We will focus on recruiting and hiring the highest-quality staff while mitigating gender and racial disparities to positively support our students’ development. Specifically, we will increase the number of teachers of color to reflect the diversity of our student community. 


    We will focus on retaining ALL of our employees, and will increase our retention rate for teachers of color.


    We will develop and implement a comprehensive organizational wellness strategy that fosters a thriving culture and climate and supports individual employee wellness to, positively impacting the overall organizational performance. 

  • Key Strategies for Workforce Excellence

    We are focused on strengthening our practices to ensure a diverse and high-quality workforce by:

    • Building and strengthening relationships with educational institutions and organizations;
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    • Developing a series of “grow our own” pathway programs for teachers;
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    • Developing policies and practices that create a climate that will increase teacher retention;
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    • Increasing engagement opportunities through social media, mentorships and professional learning;
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    • Addressing racial and cultural bias to ensure students and staff can learn and grow in a safe and supportive environment;
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    • Creating opportunities for career advancement and preparing future school leaders to succeed;
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    • Aligning wellness efforts across the district and defining the culture and climate where employees can be most productive.
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Last Modified on August 21, 2019