• Advanced Options


    Advanced placement is designed to provide increased opportunities for students to engage in active questioning, analysis, and the construction and communication of arguments from Bloom’s Taxonomy and College Boards. The premise of this programming is that with coordinated preparation, academically able students will be prepared and motivated to succeed in challenging courses in high school, including Advanced Placement classes.

    Academically able students have advanced reading and writing abilities, strong task commitment and internal motivation. These characteristics allow them to independently acquire factual information at a rapid pace and communicate their understanding clearly. Students in advanced classes can expect preparatory homework as well as long-term assignments in all subject areas. Advanced preparation is the focus of all core subjects: reading, writing, science, social studies, and math.


    Advanced Students need to meet the following academic criteria:

    • Academic Criteria
      • ASPIRE: Hi, V.Hi
      • PARCC: Exceeds Expectations in Reading and Writing
      • Prior grade academic performance scores, letter grades or standards grades
      • MS Common Assessment in Math & LA
    • Other characteristics of a student in an advanced class:
      • Maintains high overall grades and academic scholarship
      • Shows dedication to learning
      • Overcomes obstacles to achievement through self-determination
      • Handles fast paced instruction with little review or repetition
      • Negotiates text beyond what is explicitly stated
      • Operates comfortably with abstract material
      • Independently makes connections
      • Is an avid reader, critical thinker
      • Accomplished writing talent, uses advanced word choice, structure and grammar


    • Students may be in one or more advanced courses.
    • Placement in a course for accelerated learning one year does not guarantee placement in an Advanced or Honors level course the following year.
    • Gifted and Talented identification does not guarantee placement in advanced classes. Students must still meet the advanced criteria outlined above.​