• Advanced Academic and Gifted Services


    The purpose of gifted education in Cherry Creek Schools is to inspire students to maximize growth and cultivate talent in both academic and affective domains.


    Liberty’s Advanced Academic and Gifted Programming:

    • Supports researched-based strategies which provide opportunities for rich, rigorous learning opportunities
    • Ensures continued academic growth and achievement for advanced learners and supports performance at levels commensurate with their abilities
    • Occurs in the classroom delivered by the general education teacher
    • Fulfills the academic and affective goals in a student’s Advanced Learning Plan


    Programming Options:

    Flexible Cluster Grouping

    Flexible regrouping of students based on individual instructional needs.

    Curriculum Compacting

    An instructional strategy in which a student's grasp of a content area is frequently reassessed by the instructor, and following demonstration of mastery of the subject, the student is allowed to progress to the next level or is given more in-depth work in the same subject area


    Moving at a faster pace through academic content, examples include:  advanced placement classes or content area specific acceleration


    The modification of product, process, content, or environment based on a student's academic need and intellectual ability

    Affective Support Classes

    Specially devised curriculum which addresses the social and emotional needs of advanced learners in a group and/or individual setting

    Rigorous Enrichment Programs and Projects

    Additional opportunities for developing intellectual potential, such as Inside Out, Destination Imagination, STEM, and varied elective offerings


    In the Cherry Creek School District and at Liberty Middle School, the recognition and identification of advanced learners, the commitment to meeting their needs, and the dedication to maximize their academic performance remains a uniform priority.

    Should you have questions, please contact Lauren Thornberry directly.