• Prairie Middle School

    Arrival and Drop Off



    The safe arrival to and departure from school is important for our community and students.  It is also important that students arrive on time to school.  Classes begin at 8:50 am each morning.  If your student is within walking distance let them do so.  For those dropping students off, please be mindful of those crossing the streets.  Students are learning their routes.  Please take extra care as you are traveling to and forth.  To help us manage the traffic flow, please be aware of the traffic pattern and allowed drop off locations. 


    Student Drop Off at Prairie Middle School:


    Students should be dropped off and picked up in the lower parking lot, upper parking lot, E. Jewell Ave., E. Pacific Drive.  Bus drop occurs by the mobile buildings and student drop off is not allowed at this location.  Please refer to the map in this document.  RED arrows indicate the route entering our campus.  The LIGHT BLUE arrows indicate the route leaving our campus.  Cars may leave our campus through either E. Jewell Ave. or E. Pacific Drive.  Do not drop students off in the bus loop or bus drop off near the mobile buildings.  This creates an unsafe situation for students as buses are arriving and departing.


    Please do not park in the drop off / pick up lanes. It is a fire lane and we cannot have it blocked. If you arrive early you may park in the upper lot.  Please be mindful that Overland High School dismisses each day at 3:30pm and traffic is increased during this time.  Many families choose to have their student ride the bus, walk, or pick up near Pacific or Jewell.


    Bus Lanes:


    Most buses will be dropping students off at the bus loop north of IST and Prairie.  Please do not drop your child off in this lane.  Personal vehicles are not allowed in the bus loop or bus drop off locations.   Some buses for students needing additional support will drop off near the mobile buildings.  Please see attached map.