Integrated Arts

  • Art - Robert Hay

    Birthdate - June 5th
    Favorite store(s) - Any art or sports store!
    Favorite restaurant(s) - Firehouse Subs, Q-Doba, PF Changs
    Favorite school supplies(s) - Duct Tape! Any craft supplies the kids can use
    Favorite color - Orange and Blue!
    Favorite flower - Ha. You choose:)
    Favorite beverage - Mellow Yellow
    Favorite treat - CANDY!
    Hobbies - Drawing, Sports, Movies
    Any allergies/sensitivities - None
    Starbucks order - I don't drink coffee!

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  • Global Citizenship - Caren Berger

    Birthdate - April 7
    Favorite store(s) - Athleta
    Favorite restaurant(s) - mod market, Cane's
    Favorite school suppies(s) - Fun, unique things
    Favorite color - purple
    Favorite flower - sun flowers
    Favorite beverage - moscow mules
    Favorite treat - sour patch kids
    Hobbies - travel, reading, hiking
    Any allergies/sensitivities - none
    Starbucks order - Salted Carmel Frap in fall, latte with an extra shot in winter

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  • LAUNCH - Brandon Petersen

    Birthdate - November 29
    Favorite store(s) - Target, Best Buy, Amazon
    Favorite restaurant(s) - Lazy Dog, Pizza (anywhere with great Gluten Free Pizza)
    Favorite school supples(s) -
    Smelly Markers or BIC Intensity Advanced Dry Erase Fine Bulltet Tip Markers
    Favorite color - Green
    Favorite flower - Orchids
    Favorite beverage - Coke Zero or Fresca
    Favorite treat - Cheeto Paws, Smart Pop, Reeses, Peanut Butter M&Ms
    Hobbies - Swimming, Video Games, Board Games, Movies, stuff with Friends
    Any allergies/sensitivities - Gluten (allergic to wheat and grass), Dairy, and Avocado
    Starbucks order - Hot: Soy Pumpkin Spice Latte or Soy White Chocolate Mocha
    Cold: Soy Pumpkin Spice Frappuccino or Soy Espresso Frappuccino

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  • Music - Mary Szablya

    Birthday - 5/27
    Favorite Store - TJ Maxx
    Favorite Restaurant - Anything Mexican
    Favorite School Supply - Sharpies
    Favorite Color - Grey or Yellow
    Favorite Flower - Alstromeria
    Favorite Drink - Diet Dr. Pepper or wine
    Favorite Treat - Dark Chocolate
    Favorite Hobby - Coloring
    Allergies - None
    Starbucks Order - Skinny Cinnamon Dolce latte

  • Physical Education - Matt Mundy

    Birthday - March 24th
    Favorite Store - Cabelas
    Favorite Restaurant - Chipotle
    Favorite School Supply - bean bags, pool noodles
    Favorite Color - Blue
    Favorite Flower - NA
    Favorite Drink - Beer/ BLACK coffee
    Favorite Treat - swedish fish
    Favorite Hobby - Outdoors
    Allergies - NA
    Starbucks Order - Black Coffee

  • STEAM - Ryan Remien

    Click here to learn more about Mr. Remien.

    Birthday - December 9th
    Favorite Store - Amazon
    Favorite Restaurant - Anything Japanese
    Favorite School Supply - Duct Tape
    Favorite Color - gray
    Favorite Flower - NA
    Favorite Drink - YerbaMate
    Favorite Treat - Swedish Fish
    Favorite Hobby - Golf
    Allergies - None
    Starbucks Order - Iced mocha, no whip, light ice

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Last Modified on October 20, 2020