• Anna Tamayo Registrar- 720.886.4725

    Cherry Creek School District Registration Information

    All students must be registered at either of the District Admissions offices prior to attending school.  Parents can register their students beginning in April for the next school year or once the school year has started - within 2 weeks of the student attending school.  It is not necessary for the student(s) to be present when registering at District Admissions.

    For specific information regarding transfer information to Sky Vista Middle School, please go to the District Admissions Website.

    CCSD Admissions

    After completing the admissions procedures, please contact Ms. Tamayo to register your child for school.

    You may also contact Ms. Tamayo for these reasons:
    • obtain intra district transfer information
    • request a second family mailing
    • withdraw your child from school


Last Modified on August 26, 2019