• Jen Christianson



    Favorite Things:

    Name Jen Christianson
    Birthdate - January 18th
    Favorite store(s) - Lululemon and Evereve
    Favorite restaurant(s) - Any
    Favorite school supplies(s) - Papermate Felt-tip pens, lined Post-it notes, craft supplies for the kids
    Favorite color - Silver
    Favorite flower - Gerber daisy
    Favorite beverage - La Croix-Lemon Cello
    Favorite treat - Unreal chocolates or Smart Sweets
    Hobbies - Peloton, Soccer Mom, Cricuting Crafts, Home Decorating
    Any allergies/sensitivities - Little to no sugar diet
    Starbucks order - Nonfat, Skinny Vanilla Latte (hot or cold)

  • Julie Kimura



    Favorite Things:

    Birthdate - December 30
    Favorite store(s) - Nordstrom
    Favorite restaurant(s) - Seasons 52, Chick Fil-A
    Favorite school supplies(s - Mr. Sketch smelly markers
    Favorite color - burgundy
    Favorite flower - All
    Favorite beverage - Hint water
    Favorite treat - nuts (almonds, macadamia, pecans)
    Hobbies - reading, eating out, music, going to movies
    Any allergies/sensitivities - none
    Starbucks order - skinny caramel frapp no whip

  • Samantha Parsons



    Favorite Things:

    Name Sam Parsons
    Birthdate 11/23
    Favorite store(s) Target, Amazon
    Favorite restaurant(s) Mad Greens
    Favorite school supplies(s) Papermate pens, sharpies
    Favorite color Purple
    Favorite flower Sunflowers
    Favorite beverage La Croix
    Favorite treat Chocolate!
    Hobbies Hiking, camping, skiing, line dancing
    Any allergies/sensitivities
    Starbucks order Dragonfruit refresher

  • Melissa McBride



    Favorite Things:

    Birthdate April 1st
    Favorite store(s) Athleta, Lululemon, Sundance
    Favorite restaurant(s) Torchy's, Chipotle, Snooze, Starbucks
    Favorite school supplies(s) Papermate Flair Pens, Post-it notes
    Favorite color Green
    Favorite flower Gerbera Daisy
    Favorite beverage Unsweetened Iced Tea (Black or Green)
    Favorite treat Dark Chocolate Covered Almonds
    Hobbies cooking/baking, Peloton, traveling
    Any allergies/sensitivities None
    Starbucks order Hot: Latte (Plain, no sweetner or flavor) Cold: Unsweetened Green Iced Tea

  • Stephanie Dryer



    Favorite Things:

    Name Stephanie Dryer
    Birthdate - January 25th
    Favorite store(s) - Target, Maurices, American Eagle, Bath and Body
    Favorite restaurant(s) - Chick-Fil-A, Parkway Grill, and Heritage Cafe
    Favorite school supplies(s) -
    Favorite color - Turquoise
    Favorite flower - Daffodil
    Favorite beverage - Coffee and Cherry Coke Zero
    Favorite treat -
    Twizzler Bites, dark chocolate covered espresso beans, chips and dip
    Hobbies - baking, movies, Disney, eating out
    Any allergies/sensitivities - Bananas
    Starbucks order -
    Iced Caramel Machiato with coconut milk or Hot Chai with coconut milk

  • Heather Wendl


    Favorite Things:

    Name Heather Wendl
    Birthdate September 1st
    Favorite store(s) Target, Amazon
    Favorite restaurant(s) Chipotle, Fuzzy's
    Favorite school supplies(s) Black Expo Markers, PaperMate Gel Pens
    Favorite color Green
    Favorite flower Succulents!
    Favorite beverage Bubly Sparkling Water
    Favorite treat Dark Chocolate
    Hobbies Reading, traveling, hiking, camping
    Any allergies/sensitivities None
    Starbucks order Iced coffee with nonfat milk and sugar free vanilla

  • Jackie Ayler


    Favorite Things:

    Name Jackie Ayler
    Birthday - July 17th
    Favorite Store -
    Target, Amazon, Michaels, Walmart, Hobby Lobby, Homegoods,
    Favorite Restaurant - Firehouse Subs, Red Robin, Noodles, Jamba Juice, Starbucks
    Favorite School Supply - Scotch brand packing tape, Papermate felt tip pens
    Favorite Color - green, purple
    Favorite Flower - any
    Favorite Drink - Titos
    Favorite Treat - anything gluten and dairy free
    Favorite Hobby -
    Allergies - no gluten, no dairy
    Starbucks Order - soy hazelnut latte

  • Katie Parker


    Favorite Things:

    Name Katie Parker
    Birthday - August 14
    Favorite Store - Target, Amazon, Hobby Lobby, Michaels
    Favorite Restaurant - Chipotle, Indochine, Red Robin, Firehouse sub, Starbucks
    Favorite School Supply - Mr. Sketch Markers, Sticky notes-large, scotch brand packing tape or anything on my amazon class list
    Favorite Color - Purple, green
    Favorite Flower - Love them all
    Favorite Drink - Starbucks, water
    Favorite Treat - Unreal dark chocolate peanut butter cups, Dark chocolate(no dairy), BBQ chips
    Favorite Hobby - Anything Harry Potter, Cricut
    Allergies - No Gluten & No Dairy
    Starbucks Order - Dragon drink (cold), Mocha with coconut milk (hot) *or* peppermint Mocha with coconut milk (hot)

  • Kelly Engdahl


    Favorite Things:

    Name - Kelly Engdahl
    Birthdate - April 18th
    Favorite store(s) - Target
    Favorite restaurant(s) - Mt. Fuji
    Favorite school supplies(s) - Felt Tip Pens
    Favorite color - Yellow
    Favorite flower - Sunflower
    Favorite beverage - Decaf Mocha
    Favorite treat - Red Vines
    Hobbies - Horseback Riding
    Any allergies/sensitivities - None

  • Paul Grogan


    Favorite Things:

    Name Paul Grogan
    Birthdate - September 23rd
    Favorite store(s) - Amazon, Target
    Favorite restaurant(s) - Chic-fil-a, Chilis,
    Favorite school supplies(s) -
    Chisel Tip Sharpies, Fine Tip Sharpies, Astrobrights Paper, duct tape
    Favorite color - Red
    Favorite flower - Succulents, Fake plants
    Favorite beverage - Coffee
    Favorite treat - Crunchy Cheetos, Kit-Kats, Twix, Starbursts
    Hobbies - Music, movies, video games
    Any allergies/sensitivities - None
    Starbucks order - Carmel Latte hot or iced

  • Ali Buchanan



    Favorite Things:

    Name Ali Buchanan
    Birthdate September 7th
    Favorite store(s) TJ Maxx, Nordstrom, Hobby Lobby, Target
    Favorite restaurant(s) La Loma, Cuba Cuba, White Chocolate Grill, Chick-Fil-A
    Favorite school supplies(s) See Amazon wishlist: https://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/20YBT0JTULW41?ref_=wl_share
    Favorite color Mauve, leopard
    Favorite flower Peony
    Favorite beverage Unsweetened iced tea, (diet)lemonade, (diet)arnold palmer, Ollipop (grape)
    Favorite treat Carmel apples, chocolate covered strawberries, Rita's ice
    Hobbies Baking, crafting, decorating, golfing
    Any allergies/sensitivities Nuts (peanuts and coconut are ok)
    Starbucks order Honey citrus mint tea (hot), unsweetened green tea (iced)

  • James Christensen


    Favorite Things:

    Birthday - October 22nd
    Favorite Store - Home Depot, Dicks
    Favorite Restaurant - Lazy Dog, Adelitas
    Favorite School Supply - Papermate felt tip pens
    Favorite Color - Chicago Bears Blue
    Favorite Flower -
    Favorite Drink - Beer, Coffee, Water
    Favorite Treat - Popcorn
    Favorite Hobby - Snowboarding
    Allergies - None
    Starbucks Order - Vanilla Latte

  • Jillian Derrick


    Favorite Things:

    Name Jillian Derrick
    Birthday - Dec. 4
    Favorite Store - Target, Amazon, TJ Maxx, Anthony Vince Nail Spa
    Favorite Restaurant - Anything SUSHI, Lazy Dog, Mod Pizza, Legends, Starbucks
    Favorite School Supply - colored Sharpies, flair pens, fun sticky notes
    Favorite Color - Yellow
    Favorite Flower - sunflowers
    Favorite Drink - Coffee, Diet Coke, Sparkling Water
    Favorite Treat - nuts, coffee
    Favorite Hobby - camping, traveling, cooking, reading, decorating
    Allergies - None / Keto (low carb diet)
    Starbucks Order - SF Vanilla Latte Breve (half and half)

  • Leanne Snyder


    Favorite Things:

    Birthday - September 24th
    Favorite Store - Target, Amazon, Anything in Southlands
    Favorite Restaurant - Chik Fil A, Chili's, Chipotle, Red Robin, Cheesecake Factory
    Favorite School Supply - Clorox Wipes, Colorful Teacher Markers
    Favorite Color - Anything
    Favorite Flower - Anything
    Favorite Drink - DIet Soda
    Favorite Treat - Chocolate
    Favorite Hobby - Family Time-Hiking, Yoga, Walking
    Allergies - NA
    Starbucks Order - Skinny Vanilla Latte

  • Wendy Smith


    Favorite Things:

    Name Wendy Smith
    Birthdate Feb. 16
    Favorite store(s) Target, Amazon
    Favorite restaurant(s) Los Dos Portillos, Costa Vida, Chick-fil-a
    Favorite school supplies(s) Books, Frixion erasable pens, Sharpie S-note markers
    Favorite color White, pink
    Favorite flower Peonies, lilacs
    Favorite beverage Olipop, Coconut water, Coffee
    Favorite treat Skinny Pop Popcorn/Boom Chicka Pop Popcorn, really anything salty
    Hobbies Reading, cooking, golf, hiking, travel
    Any allergies/sensitivities N/A
    Starbucks order Almond milk caramel macchiato (hot)

  • Ashley Nordine



    Favorite Things:

    Birthdate - 1/17/86
    Favorite store(s) - Nordstrom/Target
    Favorite restaurant(s) - Chipotle
    Favorite school supplies(s) - Paper Mate Flair Pens/Colored Sharpie Markers
    Favorite color - Light Green/Light Blue
    Favorite flower - tulips/sunflowers
    Favorite beverage - Soda water with lemonade
    Favorite treat - Dark chocolate/nuts/dried fruit
    Hobbies - Golf/Working out/Cooking/playing with my puppy
    Any allergies/sensitivities - gluten sensitivity...not life threatening :)
    Starbucks order - unsweetened iced green tea/black coffee

  • Caroline Forbes


    Favorite Things:

    Birthdate August 22
    Favorite store(s) Target, Kohls, Home Goods, Ross, and Hobby Lobby
    Favorite restaurant(s) All
    Favorite school supplies(s) Mr. Sketch Markers, Sharpies, To-Do List Pads
    Favorite color Navy Blue, Black, Brown
    Favorite flower Peonies, Petunias, Roses
    Favorite beverage Ice Tea
    Favorite treat Milk Chocolate
    Hobbies Walking my dogs, Cooking with my family, Traveling
    Any allergies/sensitivities None
    Starbucks order Salted Caramel Frappucino

  • Grace Young



    Favorite Things:

    Name Grace Young
    Birthdate June 3rd
    Favorite store(s) Target, Amazon
    Favorite restaurant(s) Pappadeaux, Chilis, Chuys
    Favorite school supplies(s) Flair Pens
    Favorite color Blue
    Favorite flower Hydrangea
    Favorite beverage Water or Coffee
    Favorite treat Twizzlers, Mike & Ikes, Chocolate Turtles
    Hobbies Watch movies, hiking, reading, collect fossils
    Any allergies/sensitivities None
    Starbucks order White Chocolate Mocha

  • Jenna Goncharov



    Favorite Things:

    Name Jenna Goncharov
    Birthdate August 18th
    Favorite store(s) Amazon
    Favorite restaurant(s) Chick Fil A or Qdoba
    Favorite school supplies(s)
    Colorful Pens, Black Expo Markers
    Favorite color Pink
    Favorite flower Anything colorful
    Favorite beverage Coke or Starbucks
    Favorite treat Anything chocolate
    Camping, going on walks with my dog, reading
    Any allergies/sensitivities na
    Starbucks order Caramel Latte

  • Meredith Ramsey


    Favorite Things:

    Birthdate - October 6
    Favorite store(s) - TJ Maxx/Marshalls/Target
    Favorite restaurant(s) - Chick-fil-A, Chipotle, Noodles
    Favorite school supplies(s) - AstroBright Paper and Flair Pens
    Favorite color - Pink
    Favorite flower - Anything I can plant outside
    Favorite beverage - Ice Drinks, anything calorie free, nugget ice (from Chickfila or sonic!)
    Favorite treat - Gummies
    Hobbies - Blogging, Hiking, Taking care of my kiddos, traveling
    Any allergies/sensitivities - None
    Starbucks order - Caramel Machiatto, only one shot of expressoro, with almond milk

  • Megan Adams



    Favorite Things:

    Name Megan Adams
    Birthdate - December 17
    Favorite store(s) - Nordstrom, Athleta, Everevre, Amazon and Teachers Pay Teachers
    Favorite restaurant(s) - Mexican - Queso for the win!
    Favorite school suppies(s) - Picture books, BIC Intensity Advanced Dry Erase Marker - Fine Bullet Tip
    Favorite color - Blue
    Favorite flower - Gerbera Daisy, indoor plants for the classroom
    Favorite beverage - Grapefruit La Croix, Ice Tea with Nugget Ice (like Sonic Ice cubes!)
    Favorite treat - Swedish fish and Sour Patch Kids, peanut butter pretzels
    Hobbies - skiing, camping, reading, traveling, high adreneline adventures, biking
    Any allergies/sensitivities - No
    Starbucks order - Vanilla Latte (hot or cold), Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Brew

  • Angie Schaefer



    Favorite Things:

    Name Angie Schaefer
    Birthdate - March 14
    Favorite store(s) - Amazon, Target
    Favorite restaurant(s) - Chick-fil-A, Chipotle, Costa Vida
    Favorite school supplies(s) - Amazon Wish List
    Favorite color - blue
    Favorite flower - gerber daisy, zinnia
    Favorite beverage - coke zero, sparkling water, Titos
    Favorite treat - gummy candy, chocolate, salty snacks
    Hobbies - reading, outdoors, crafts
    Any allergies/sensitivities - no
    Starbucks order - unsweetened Teavana Shaken Ice Passion Tango Tea
    Iced skinny latte- cold or hot
    nonfat chai latte
    nonfat iced caramel macciato

  • Ben Lowy


    Favorite Things:

    Birthdate 05/22/2020
    Favorite store(s) REI, Amazon
    Favorite restaurant(s) Rock Bottom
    Favorite school supplies(s) Bic 4 Colour Pen
    Favorite color Orange and Blue (Go Broncos!)
    Favorite flower Lily
    Favorite beverage Craft barley, hops, and water
    Favorite treat Anything with Peanut Butter
    Hobbies Running, brewing, wood working
    Any allergies/sensitivities Nothing so far
    Starbucks order Anything with Chocolate

  • Ellen Clark


    Favorite Things:

    Birthdate July 14
    Favorite store(s) Athleta, Nordstrom, Home Goods
    Favorite restaurant(s) Jimmy Johns, Las Fajitas, Chipotle
    Favorite school supplies(s) Pens, lined Post It notes, scented stickers
    Favorite color Hot pink & lime green
    Favorite flower Roses, daisys, tulips- I love flowers!
    Favorite beverage Unsweet iced tea, moscow mule
    Favorite treat popcorn, candy
    Hobbies Traveling, being on the lake, shopping
    Any allergies/sensitivities None
    Starbucks order Hot: Vanilla Latte Cold: Iced green tea half sweet

  • Linda Goodenow


    Favorite Things:

    Name Goodenow
    Birthday - May 22
    Favorite Store - Amazon, TJ Maxx, Target
    Favorite Restaurant - Lazy Dog
    Favorite School Supply - Sharpies, Flairs, Markers
    Favorite Color - Green
    Favorite Flower - Roses, Daisies, all flowers
    Favorite Drink - Coke Zero
    Favorite Treat - Pub Mix, Candy Corn
    Favorite Hobby - Walking, Reading, Crafting, Working Out
    Allergies - none
    Starbucks Order - Non-fat Latte with one pump of Vanilla - either hot or iced :)

  • Albert Rios


    Favorite Things:

    Name Albert Rios
    Birthdate January 14th
    Favorite store(s) REI, Boulder Running Company, Runner's Roost, Target
    Favorite restaurant(s) Maggiano's, Chick fil a, McDonald's, and Ted's
    Favorite school supplies(s) Ticonderoga pencils (black), fine tipped Sharpies, Duct tape
    Favorite color blue, purple, and black
    Favorite flower wild flowers
    Favorite beverage Dr. Pepper Zero
    Favorite treat Hershey's milk chocolate nuggets with almonds, Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, and buttered popcorn
    Hobbies Fly-fishing, running, cycling, and being outdoors with my family
    Any allergies/sensitivities n/a
    Starbucks order hot - Mocha with extra whip
    cold - Strawberry Açai Refresher

  • Allison Sinquefield


    Favorite Things:

    Name Allison Sinquefield
    Birthdate - April 23rd
    Favorite store(s) - Amazon
    Favorite restaurant(s) - Chipotle, Chick-fil-a, Jimmy Johns
    Favorite school supplies(s) - Bright colored card stock (to print on), glue dots, colored sharpies
    Favorite color - Black, red, teal
    Favorite flower - Dasies, sunflowers, tulips
    Favorite beverage - Diet Dr. Pepper, any flavor sparkling water
    Favorite treat - Dehydrated fruit, popcorn, turkey jerky, red velvet cake/cupcakes
    Hobbies - Skiing, camping, reading, traveling and hanging out with my family
    Any allergies/sensitivities - none
    Starbucks order - nonfat chai latte, pink drink, any flavored lemonade

  • Andrea Aibner


    Favorite Things:

    Birthdate - December 16th
    Favorite store(s) - Target, Amazon
    Favorite restaurant(s) - Any!
    Favorite school supplies(s) - Sharpies, Papermate felt tip pens
    Favorite color - Teal
    Favorite flower - Lilac, Orchid
    Favorite beverage - Peach Tea, Coffee, La Croix
    Favorite treat - Chips, Chocolate anything
    Hobbies - The Outdoors, Reading, Traveling
    Any allergies/sensitivities - None
    Starbucks order - Latte or Dirty Chai

  • Ashley Echols


    Staff Favorites:

    Name Ashley Echols
    Birthdate March 22
    Favorite store(s) Target, Nordstrom, Homegoods
    Favorite restaurant(s) PF Chang's or Los Dos Potrillos
    Favorite school supplies(s) Sharpies & Flair Pens
    Favorite color Red
    Favorite flower Hydrangeas
    Favorite beverage Unsweet Iced Tea, Diet Coke, Tito's, Sauvignon Blanc
    Favorite treat Turkey Jerky, almonds
    Hobbies Golf & Nebraska football, running
    Any allergies/sensitivities n/a
    Starbucks order Unsweetened Iced Green Tea, no water

  • Danielle Davis


    Staff Favorites:

    Name Danielle Davis
    Birthdate - Oct 22
    Favorite store(s) - Target, Amazon, Nordstrom
    Favorite restaurant(s) - Lazy Dog, Los Dos Potrillos
    Favorite school supplies(s) - Flair pens, Mr. Sketch markers
    Favorite color - Green, purple
    Favorite flower - Hydrangea
    Favorite beverage - Iced Tea, Tito's
    Favorite treat - Beef Jerky
    Hobbies - Exercise, Outdoors, Sports Mom
    Any allergies/sensitivities - n/a
    Starbucks order - Unsweetened Iced Green Tea, no water

  • Art - Robert Hay


    Birthdate - June 5th
    Favorite store(s) - Any art or sports store!
    Favorite restaurant(s) - Firehouse Subs, Q-Doba, PF Changs
    Favorite school supplies(s) - Duct Tape! Any craft supplies the kids can use
    Favorite color - Orange and Blue!
    Favorite flower - Ha. You choose:)
    Favorite beverage - Mellow Yellow
    Favorite treat - CANDY!
    Hobbies - Drawing, Sports, Movies
    Any allergies/sensitivities - None
    Starbucks order - I don't drink coffee!

    Amazon Wish List

  • Global Citizenship - Caren Berger


    Name Caren Berger
    Birthdate - April 7
    Favorite store(s) - Amazon, Target, Nespresso
    Favorite restaurant(s) - Mod Market, Mod Pizza, Cane's, Chipotle, Legends
    Favorite school supplies(s) - maps
    Favorite color - purple
    Favorite flower - sun flowers
    Favorite beverage - sweet tea
    Favorite treat - sour patch kids, Ghirardelli,
    Hobbies - travel, reading, hiking
    Any allergies/sensitivities - none
    Starbucks order -
    Nitro Cold Brew with Sweet Cream, Pumpkin cold Brew

  • Music - Ashley Devine


    Birthdate Jun 11
    Favorite store(s) - Target, Amazon, Starbucks
    Favorite restaurant(s) - Lazy Dog, Hapa
    Favorite school supplies - Dry Erase Board markers and Erasers
    Favorite color - Blue
    Favorite flower - Lilies
    Favorite beverage - Sweet Tea
    Favorite treat - Milky Way
    Hobbies - Singing, Theatre, Dancing
    Any allergies/sensitivities - Almonds
    Starbucks order - Chai Tea Latte with a pump of brown sugar

  • Physical Education - Matt Mundy


    Birthday - February 18
    Favorite Store - Nike
    Favorite Restaurant - Lazy Dog
    Favorite School Supply - Backpacks
    Favorite Color - Blue
    Favorite Flower - Rose
    Favorite Drink - Diet Dr. Pepper
    Favorite Treat - Peanut Butter Cups
    Favorite Hobby - Fly fishinbg
    Allergies - NA
    Starbucks Order - Hot Chocolate

  • STEAM - Ryan Remien

    Click here to learn more about Mr. Remien


    Favorite Store - Amazon, Target, Best Buy
    Favorite Restaurant - Lazy Dog, Legends Coffee, Bangkok Tokyo
    Favorite School Supply -
    Favorite Color - Gray
    Favorite Flower -
    Favorite Drink - Unsweetened Iced Tea, Sparkling Water
    Favorite Treat - Swedish Fish, Sour Patch Kids, Popcorn
    Hobbies - Golf, Disc Golf, Backpacking, LEGOs, Board Games
    Allergies - None
    Starbucks Order - Nitro Cold Brew with Sweet Cream

    Amazon Wish List

  • Amber Waheed, PhD



    Favorite Things:

    Name Amber Waheed
    Birthday 6/24
    Favorite Store Nordstrom, Target
    Favorite Restaurant Chipotle
    Favorite School Supply Sensory tools, board games
    Favorite Color Black
    Favorite Flower Orchid
    Favorite Drink Cherry coke zero
    Favorite Treat Dark Chocolate, Banana chocolate chip bread
    Favorite Hobby Art, Shopping/fashion, sports, concerts, restaurants
    Allergies none
    Starbucks Order Chai Latte

  • Amy Henrion



    Favorite Things:

    Name Amy Henrion
    Birthdate February 21
    Favorite store(s) Target, Amazon
    Favorite restaurant(s) Chipotle, Chick-fil-A, Mod Pizza
    Favorite school supplie(s) Papermate Felt-tip pens, Sharpie markers
    Favorite color Pink, mint
    Favorite flower Peony
    Favorite beverage Tea-lemonade
    Favorite treat Hippeas chips, chips and salsa
    Hobbies Reading, traveling, adventures with family, cooking
    Any allergies/sensitivities Allergies: gluten, dairy, avocado, banana
    Starbucks order Honey oatmilk latte, Passion tea lemonade

  • Brian Felker



    Favorite Things:

    Name Brian Felker
    Birthday 11/30
    Favorite Store Target
    Favorite Restaurant Texas Roadhouse; Cheddars
    Favorite School Supply Gel pens, highlighters
    Favorite Color Earth tones, Autumn colors
    Favorite Flower Chrysanthemums
    Favorite Drink Coke Zero
    Favorite Treat Heath (toffee), Reese's Peanut Butter Cups
    Favorite Hobby Movies, Jeeping
    Allergies None
    Starbucks Order Tall Iced Chai

  • Claire Quisling



    Favorite Things:

    Name Claire Quisling
    Birthday August 1st
    Favorite Store Target
    Favorite Restaurant Mad Greens, Noodles
    Favorite School Supply Sticky Notes and Erasable Colored Pens- Frixion
    Favorite Color Red and Purple
    Favorite Flower Any
    Favorite Drink Coffee and WIne
    Favorite Treat Dark Chocolate and Nuts
    Favorite Hobby Reading
    Allergies none
    Starbucks Order Iced green tea lemonade

  • Heather Koopman



    Favorite Things:

    Name Heather Koopman
    Birthday 5/7
    Favorite Store Target, Amazon
    Favorite Restaurant Noodles & Co, Chilis, Chipotle
    Favorite School Supply Papermate flare pens, sticky notes, papermate gel pens
    Favorite Color Turquoise
    Favorite Flower Yellow Roses
    Favorite Drink Coke Zero
    Favorite Treat Dark Chocolate fruit or nuts
    Favorite Hobby Going to the mountains, outdoor activities
    Allergies none
    Starbucks Order Iced White Mocha with Sweet Cream Cold Foam

  • Julia Maraschky