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    Solving Problems with Products

    The Laredo Design program is about "solving problems with products." While we are considered the technology department, our objectives go beyond the computer. Design classes aim to provide the basis for many different paths in engineering and product-based fields. Students will learn to program as well as apply the knowledge and skills gained in other disciplines along with their own experiences to solve problems by creating unique solutions. All students should be skilled at solving problems of all sorts.


    Robot Design? In middle school? Yes! Robotics is one of the hottest technologies being explored today.

    In order to actually build a robot from the ground up, students must learn to follow an engineering design cycle. This cycle is a road map for students to follow during the engineering design process so work can progress in a logical, planned and organized way. It allows the engineering design team to work together to solve the many issues that arise during the process of making something.

    Digital Design

    Digital Design is problem-solving in several ways. While our products are not strictly digital (we 3D print and build physical solutions as well), most of them are digital or virtual. They include designing programs, video games, websites, 3D models, and apps. We are making 21st-century problem solvers for the problems of the 21st century!

    Make something awesome!

    Students with a further interest in Design can join one of the Design Clubs and compete against other teams in design-based competitions.