• Jayme Kagan - BAS Director

    Birthdate - 6/27

    Favorite store(s) - target

    Favorite restaurant(s) - anything chinese/thai

    Favorite school supplies(s) - sticky notes 

    Favorite color - lime green

    Favorite flower - sunflowers

    Favorite beverage - green tea

    Favorite treat - banana bread

    Hobbies - painting, kayaking

    Any allergies/sensitivities - no

    Starbucks order - 'pink drink'

  • Mark Brown - BAS Assistant Director

    Birthday: January 1

    Stores: Target, King Sooper

    Restaurant: Olive Garden

    School Supplies: Pencils

    Color: Olive Green

    Flower: Roses

    Beverage: Diet Root Beer

    Treat: Snickers

    Hobbies: Fantasy Baseball

    Allergies/Sensitivities: ?

    Starbucks Order: Vanilla Bean Frappuccino 

  • Andrea Haggitt - Preschool


    Birthday - August 7th
    Favorite Store - Amazon, JoAnns, Target
    Favorite Restaurant - On the Boarder
    Favorite School Supply - Sharpies, Flair Pens, Bins
    Favorite Color - Teal/Turquoise
    Favorite Flower - White Rose
    Favorite Drink - Energize with Wildberry
    Favorite Treat - 100 Grand, Twix, Snickers
    Favorite Hobby - Using Cricut, Looming, Reading
    Allergies - None
    Starbucks Order - Pink Drink

    Amazon Wish List

  • Maria Condray - Preschool

    Birthday - December 9th
    Favorite Store - Walmart, Target
    Favorite Restaurant - Olive Garden, Panera, Chickfila, Texas Roadhouse
    Favorite School Supply - Pens
    Favorite Color - Purple
    Favorite Flower - Sunflowers
    Favorite Drink - Dr. Pepper
    Favorite Treat - Snickers, Cookies, Milk Chocolate
    Favorite Hobby - Painting
    Allergies - Stawberries
    Starbucks Order - Vanilla Iced Chai