Math & Science Cohorts

  • *Class is designed for Secondary teachers. 

    #11168 STEM Cohort

    13570    STEM Cohort 1 credit

    13572    STEM Cohort 2 credit


    Guiding Questions for our group:

    • How can my classroom become a place where students are doing the reading, writing, thinking and problem solving?
    • How can effective implementation of the NGSS Science and Engineering Practices and the Standards for Math Practice help my students become better problem-solvers?
    • How can we utilize the science and engineering practices and the standards for math practice to create integrated math/science STEM lessons?
    • How can my classroom answer the questions, “Where does this live in the world?”, and “Who could be an audience other than the teacher?”
    • How can this group and the coaching cycle help me get smarter about STEM?



    • Combination of Math Teachers, Science Teachers, and STEM/Technology Teachers 
    • Professional Learning experience together
    • Individual and small group coaching
    • Field experiences to grow expertise and efficacy in STEM


    Participants in the STEM Coaching Cohort will experience the following each year:

    • One full professional learning day:
      • Design Challenge
      • Facilitated Planning Time
    • 2 lab days:
      • A teacher from the cohort will be coached to host a lab in their classroom.
      • We will do some reading and learning together to label what we see in the lab classroom.
      • During the class, we use an online discussion tool to get real time noticings.
      • The afternoon will be a chance to learn and plan with colleagues to implement new learning that teachers got out of the lab.
    • On-going one-on-one and small group coaching:
      • Teachers will meet me a minimum of 3 times throughout the school year.
      • These coaching sessions can be for planning and/or observation/debrief.
      • Coaching notes are recorded on a google doc so that teachers have a place to record their own thoughts based on the feedback they get.
    • Field Experiences:
      • Hacking STEM professional learning
      • University of Boulder First Year Engineering Expo
      • Denver Museum of Nature and Science Workshops
      • Design Challenge Workshops
      • Coding Workshops
      • ArcGIS workshop
      • InWorks Maker Space at University of Colorado at Denver
      • Fiske Planetarium
      • Plains Conservation Center
      • Chatfield Conservation Center
      • National Center for Atmospheric Research



    For Math Cohorts please contact Denise Goldin- Dubois at:

    For Science Cohorst please Contact Sherri Dennstedt at:

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