“STEMblazers inspires girls to visualize themselves in science, technology, engineering and math careers and empowers them to pursue stem professions. We envision a world where women feel confident to pursue stem careers and are equally represented in the stem workforce”


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    …”It has been found that as early as 13 years of age, girls have determined if they will pursue careers in STEM based on believing if they can do it. This correlates to a key developmental time in adolescence of self-confidence building and one of the reasons why STEMblazers targets middle school and high school girls with its programming”

    Our CCSD STEM and Innovation program is unique for a large district as we have identified our main goal to provide all students with high quality STEM experiences K-12 to increase the academic success of girls. The number of girls entering STEM courses or diploma programs in high schools has always been significantly less than boys.  The number of girls in STEM electives in middle schools is significantly less than boys.

    To reach our goal, we have established equity teams at each school, intensive PLC structures and support at all schools, and have some pilot schools in the CRE (culturally responsive education).

    During the 2019-2020 school year, Cherry Creek School District will be partnering with STEMblazers to offer an after school club at all 12 middle schools approximately 2 times a month. Clubs will meet during fall or spring semesters. 

    For more information, contact Keli Kinsella kkinsella@cherrycreekschools.org 



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Last Modified on January 31, 2020