• How to request a transcript

    In order for Grandview to send your transcript to a college, you must first complete a few things:

    Step 1: 

    Complete and submit the college's application and pay the application fee

    Step 2: 

    If you are sending any teacher letters of recommendation to the college, those must be completed and uploaded into Naviance by your teacher first!

    Step 3: 

    Make sure the college you are applying to is listed on your Naviance account (Colleges tab, Colleges I'm applying to, add to this list)

    Step 4: 

    If you are using the Common App to apply, you must log-on to Naviance and match your common app account (Colleges tab, Colleges I'm applying to).

    Step 5: 

    Fill out a Blue Transcript Request form (found on Mrs. Storgaard's desk in Post Grad) and bring $5 with you. You must hand the form and money to Mrs. Storgaard - do not leave it on her desk if she isn't there.