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    DID YOU KNOW: As children enter high school their chances of being offered marijuana and other drugs increase. 


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    DID YOU KNOW:  35% of students admit trying Marijuana. 

    DID YOU KNOW:  Most students assume their peers ARE using Marijuana, however, 4 out of 5 students in Colorado DO NOT USE.  Student’s perception of peer marijuana use has a direct correlation with their perception of the risk.

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    DID YOU KNOW:  Youth who think marijuana use is risky are almost 80% LESS likely to start using? 

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    DID YOU KNOW: As the risk grows, it’s important to have frequent, positive, and open conversations with our kids about the choices they face. Parents and trusted adults play a critical role in the prevention of adolescent substance use. 

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    DID YOU KNOW:  You can find a wealth of knowledge on how to talk to your kids about substance use.  Click on the resources below to access tips for talking with your child: