Hospitality Management

  • The Hospitality Management program offers the following courses:

Hotel Bell

Resort & Event Management

  • MSU LogoThis two-year industry-developed curriculum by the American Hotel and Lodging Educational Institute covers careers in hospitality and restaurant operations, customer service, sales, marketing, employability and soft skills, communication, guest experience cycle and food and beverage services. Successful participants in the program will have the opportunity to receive college credits, earn industry certifications and credentials, participate in a mentored internship off site and at our on-site café., and apply for industry scholarships. CCIC students will also have the opportunity to earn internship hours through our on-site cafe. 

    Grades: 10-12

    Length: 1 Year

    Credits: 2 Credits (1 CTE / 1 English B)

    Dual Enrollment: Metro State University of Denver (HTL 1010 & HLDR 1000), $50 additional fee per credit, 6 credits

    Certifications: CGSP (Certified Guest Service Professional), ServSafe Food Handler, and HTS (Hospitality & Tourism Specialist). Includes a 100 hour internship. 

Hospitality Youth Apprenticeship

  • ACC LogoThis senior-level experience allows students to expand upon and apply the knowledge, skills, and abilities gained from the Resort & Event Management program. During the first quarter, the focus is on developing leadership skills, event planning, marketing, managing banquets/events, and networking to create their youth apprenticeship opportunity alongside their instructor. Once placed (starting quarter 2), students will go to their apprenticeship site during CCIC class hours where they will learn, practice, and be evaluated by their site mentor as well as CCIC instructor. Students will meet as a class at the CCIC bi-weekly to discuss their learning experiences, challenges, and possible solutions.  NOTE: Students will need the ability to drive to their apprenticeship site or get a ride from a parent. 

    Grades: 11-12

    Prerequisites: Resort & Event Management 

    Length: 1 Year

    Credits: 2 Credits (1 CTE / 1 English C)

    Certifications/Trainings: CFDR (Certified Front Desk Representative), ServSafe Manager, AHLEI Hospitality Manager: Leadership Training, AHLEI Sexual Harassment Prevention, Unconscious Bias Training 

    Concurrent Enrollment: Arapahoe Community College (ENG 1031) – available to students with an unweighted 3.0 cumulative GPA

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