Culinary Management

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ProStart I/ProStart II

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    This pre-apprenticeship course from the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation and Colorado Restaurant Foundation introduces students to a competency-based foodservice & hospitality management curriculum offered to students in grades 10-12. It is a study of culinary arts, restaurant and lodging management, employability skills, and business entrepreneurship coupled with paid mentored work internships in a broad spectrum of industry restaurant, foodservice, and lodging operations. Students who wish to obtain the national ProStart certification must complete a 400 - hour guided internship and pass the exams for both ProStart I & II. Successful participants in the program will have the opportunity to receive college credits, earn industry certifications and credentials, compete in the ProStart Invitational Competitions, and apply for industry scholarships.

    Grades: 10-12

    Prerequisites: Grandview High School & Smoky Hill High School students must take ProStart I at home high school.

    Length: 1 Year

    Credits: 2 Credits (2 CTE)

    Dual Enrollment: ProStart I - Metro State University of Denver (RST 1550 - 3 credits); ProStart II - Metro State University of Denver (RST 2550 - 3 credits), $50 additional fee per Metro State University credit, 6 credits

    Certifications: ServSafe Food Handler, ServSafe Allergen, Colorado Restaurant Association Workforce Readiness Certificate and ProStart National Certification of Achievement. (additional certifications available upon request)

ProStart III: Advanced Culinary Curriculum

  • ACC LogoThis upper-level culinary program is an opportunity for students to put their culinary & restaurant management knowledge to the test! Students are enrolled in the National Restaurant Association's "RYRA" (Restaurant Youth Registered Apprenticeship) program and can start earning hours towards the "Restaurant Line Cook Apprenticeship" starting at 17 years old. Students learn applicable industry skills through class instruction and can earn paid work hours outside of class time through an approved employer or through the CCICafé. In addition, students will be working alongside the Hospitality Management program to cater CCIC events, teaching them communication, leadership, cost analysis, teamwork, responsibility, and professionalism- skills they can apply to any industry they choose for their future.

    Grades: 11-12

    Prerequisites: ProStart I and/or ProStart II

    Length: 1 Year

    Credits: 2 Credits (1 CTE / .5 ENG C / .5 ENG TECH WRITING)

    Concurrent Enrollment: Arapahoe Community College (ENG 1031 - 3 credits)

    Certifications: ServSafe Manager, ProStart National Certificate of Achievement, ServSuccess Certified Restaurant Professional, Certified Line Cook (additional certifications available upon request)

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