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    Mrs. Armitage  


    The AIM program is designed for students who require advanced and challenging curriculum.  AIM provides increased opportunities for students to engage in active questioning, analysis, critical thinking, and creative problem solving. The coursework is typically two grade levels ahead and moves at a rapid pace. Thus, students in AIM classes are typically internally motivated with strong task commitment.  AIM courses often include project-based learning and increased disciplinary thinking with sustained depth and complexity.  AIM courses are challenging—providing opportunities for students to struggle and grow. Students in AIM classes are prepared and motivated to succeed in challenging coursework in high school and beyond.

    AIM courses typically include 20-30 minutes of preparatory homework per day.  Homework for AIM classes is designed to prepare students for difficult analytical work that is conducted in class with the assistance of teachers and collaboration with peers. AIM courses for 6th grade students include language arts, social studies, and science. For 7th and 8th grade, students can take AIM reading, writing, social studies, and science. Students can take one or more AIM courses. Because of the increased depth and rigor of AIM courses, daily grades are weighted.

    All students are considered for placement in the AIM program based on a body of evidence including standardized test scores such as CMAS, ACT Aspire, CogAT, an in-class writing sample, and/or NNAT and teacher recommendations. Parents are notified of recommended placement in AIM courses in the spring. If a family would like a student to take fewer or more AIM classes than those recommended, parents may appeal the decision by providing additional evidence indicating readiness for advanced coursework, compacted curriculum, and task commitment.