• Mrs. Armitage

    Advanced courses at Falcon Creek are designed for students who require challenging curriculum that is beyond what is offered in the typical classroom setting. Advanced courses provide opportunities for students to engage in active questioning, analysis, critical thinking, and creative problem solving. Sustained depth and complexity inform the planning for these courses. Advanced programming is intended to be challenging—providing opportunities for students to struggle and grow.

    Advanced coursework is offered in language arts, science, and social studies. Math has a compacted/accelerated curriculum with Math 6/7, math 7/8, Algebra 1, and Geometry.  Students can take one or more advanced classes. Advanced courses typically include 20-30 minutes of preparatory homework per day.  Homework for these classes is designed to prepare students for difficult analytical work that is conducted in class with the assistance of teachers and collaboration with peers. Homework is intended to be preparatory for the major thinking work that happens in class.

    All students are considered for placement in advanced courses based on a body of evidence including standardized test scores such as CMAS, ACT Aspire, CogAT, an in-class writing sample, and/or NNAT and teacher recommendations. Parents are notified of recommended placement in advanced courses in the spring. If a family would like a student to take fewer or more advanced classes than those recommended, parents may appeal the decision by providing additional evidence indicating readiness for advanced coursework, compacted curriculum, and task commitment.