Advanced Courses

  • Advanced courses are designed for students who require a more rigorous and challenging curriculum. These courses provide increased opportunities for students to engage in active questioning, analysis, critical thinking, and creative problem solving. Coursework in advanced classes moves at a rapid pace and allows students to uncover the complexities that lie beyond grade-level understanding.  Students in advanced classes can expect preparatory homework as well as long-term assignments in all subject areas.  Thus, students in advanced classes have many of the following qualities: 

    • Internally motivated with strong task commitment

    • Able and willing to tackle abstract concepts with self-determination

    • Perseverance with difficult tasks

    • Require little review/repetition

    • Communicate understanding of concepts clearly

    • Inquisitive

    • Makes connections between content areas, and beyond the classroom


     Advanced course offerings include language arts, social studies, and science. Please see grade level course descriptions for each content area’s advanced course information.



    Students can take one or more Advanced courses.  Students and teachers can recommend that students be put in advanced courses. Students considered for placement in advanced courses will be evaluated by a committee that includes content teachers, counselors, admin and the advanced programming coordinator to review a body of evidence including but not limited to standardized test scores, teacher recommendations, work samples, prior academic scores/grades, and common assessments. Placement for one year does not guarantee placement in an advanced course the following year.